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  • Sedona Arizona Earning the Right to Write

    A Lesson in travel writing, earning the right to write — “Oh! You are going to Sedona??? They have The Energy there,” spoke the Hyderbad born owner of the Motel 6 in Payson, Arizona. His eyebrows raise with a mysterious sort of intention as he said “The Energy.” “Yes,” I replied with a laugh, “and [...]

  • Jerome Wicked City Good Hospitality

    Jerome, Arizona Wicked City Amidst Good Hospitality — The mining town of Jerome very nearly became the state capital of Arizona. And then it fell off of a mountain. Well, half the town did anyway. The rubble was then made into a parking lot, still in use today. But having half the town fall off [...]

  • Jerome Arizona Copper Mining

    Jerome Arizona Copper Mines — It was a flash of an orangish metallic vein in a rock outcrop near Cleopatra Hill that transformed a mountain top into a wide open, gaping, billion dollar hole in the earth. As the old story goes: a 19th century white guy just happens to notice an Indian trail one [...]

  • Archaeology in Arizona Project Completed

    My work here is done. The archaeology project in the Tonto forest has come to completion. The company that I have been working with for the past 11 weeks has cut its crew loose: “There is no more work for you, go on your merry way.” The message is clear: I am now joyfully unemployed. [...]

  • Fear Should Not Stop Traveling Family

    Petra’s Life Saved for the First Time — Petra had to have her life saved for the first time this morning. Her mother, Chaya, was the saver. Kicking, squealing, farting all through the very early morning, Petra wanted to get up and play. It was around 5AM and mom and dad wanted to sleep a [...]

  • Homemade RV Converted from Moving Truck

    How to convert a moving truck into an RV.

  • Infants Become Overly Stimulated when Traveling

    Perception of an Infant and Traveling — I am now watching my three month old baby, Petra, adjust to the traveling life. She stays in a hotel in Payson, Arizona for three nights a week and then travels to another location for the remaining four days — sometimes Phoenix, sometimes Flagstaff, sometimes Sedona, sometimes Jerome. [...]

  • Vagabond Journey Outgrowing Hosting Service

    I tried to access Vagabond Journey.com a day after the roadkill excerpt aired on CBS News Phoenix, and I could not access my own site. I received a warning message from my web browser notifying me that the server was busy and that I should try my site again later. Livid. ——————— Payson, Arizona, Southwest [...]

  • Global Positioning Systems GPS Good But Beware

    This entry about the trust parameters that should be placed around Global Positioning Systems — GPS — technology is the first part of a Vagabond Journey series on navigation. The hand held GPS unit is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that civilization has ever given to the back country wanderer. With properly knowledge of [...]

  • Antiquities Act of 1906 Made by Misinterpretation

    Antiquities Act of 1906 – A haphazard explanation The Antiquities Act of 1906 was enacted by the US congress in reaction to profiteering easterners traveling out west and looting archaeology sites. The government of the USA did not take too kindly to its prehistoric spoils being removed from context and brought to such dubious institutions [...]