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  • Iraq Border Crossing

    Iraq Border Crossing – Getting there and away This page is a collection of information, stories, questions and answers about crossing the Iraqi border. Did you ever cross a land border into or out of Iraq If so, please let us know of your experience below. What documents are necessary for a traveler from your [...]

  • Travel to Iraq while Pregnant

    I hadn’t really planned on going to Iraq. Wade briefly mentioned it in passing while we were daydreaming about the trip. I shot him a “what the hell are you thinking?!” look in response. Nobody goes as a tourist to Iraq. Let alone when they are pregnant. “We’ll just go to the northern Kurdistan part. [...]

  • Photos from Iraq

    Photos from Iraq — These links go to pages of photos from Northern Iraq that I took in the spring of 2009. Photos from Iraq Hotel in Dohuk, Northern Iraq Dohuk and Countryside of Iraqi Kurdistan Amadiya and Mountains of Northern Iraq Amadiya and Dohuk, Iraq Road to Iraq and Travels in Middle East Vagabond [...]

  • Travel to Iraq for Blond Haired Blue Eyed Travelers

    Do you think that a blond haired blue eyed American will get messed with too bad in Iraq? It is not my impression that you will be messed with too much in Iraq. I do not think that your blond hair or blue eyes will invite trouble any more than dark features. The people in [...]

  • Bathrooms in the Middle East

    The bathroom is always an interesting cultural experience.

  • How to Get to Iraq from Turkey

    Hello Jackie, To get to Iraq from Turkey you can take a bus from Istanbul to Silopi and then cross the border by taxi. There is a very good chance that you will be able to go straight from the airport to the bus station in Istanbul and ride directly to Silopi. But it may [...]

  • Walking Across Border Turkey from Iraq

    Walking Back to Turkey from Iraq With a tail tucked in between my legs and no more money in my pockets, Chaya and I returned to Turkey from Iraq. I did not anticipated that there would not be any public transport in the northern regions of Iraq and that I would have to take expensive [...]

  • Amadiya, Iraq – No Hotel

    Adventures in Iraq.

  • Iraqi Visa at Border

    Iraqi Visa at Border Crossing the Iraq border from Silopi or Cizre in Turkey to Zakho in Iraq is a very straight forward procedure. There no strings to unknot or riddles to unwind here: you go across the border and get stamped in. It was far easier for me to get into Iraq than it [...]

  • No VISA ATMs in Iraq

    No International ATMs in Iraq In the provincial capital of Duhok in northern Iraq the signs of internationally capable Visa/ Mastercard ATMs are common. But none of them work. There are no longer any international ATMs in Iraq. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong, this information comes from my experience and what I [...]