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  • Generator Electricity in Iraq

    Generator Power in Iraq As I walked through the streets of Duhok, the provincial capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, I was surprised to find that all of the businesses were powered by generators. The rumbling sounds of these electricity making curbside internal combustion engines set the soundtrack to this region. There seems to be little to [...]

  • Travel Iraq Duhok to Amadiya

    Travel Iraq Amadiya from Duhok Walked over to the taxi stall in Dahuk in search of a ride to Amadiya, a town an hour to the north near the Turkish border. As could be expected, we were promptly feasted upon by a gaggle of hungry vultures from all directions. Taxi men yelled, taxi men screamed, [...]

  • No Buses in Nothern Iraq

    No Buses in Iraq I left the front door of the Gara Hotel in Duhok with my full pack upon my back and Chaya at my side. We wanted to either venture north to a little mountain town called Amadiya or east to Arbil. The provincial capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, Duhok, is not a big [...]

  • Border Crossing Iraq from Turkey

    Border crossing to Iraq I crossed the Iraqi border at Zakho at around 10 am this morning. This was one of the most straight forward, comfortable, and easy borders that I have ever crossed. Chaya and I awoke this morning to find a taxi driver knocking on our hotel door. There is only one reason [...]

  • Silopi Near Iraq Border

    Iraqi Border on Election Night There is only one reason to come to Silopi, and that is to go to Iraq. Everybody here knows what I am doing. As soon as I stepped foot off of the bus, every taxi driver, shoeshine boy, and sidewalk hustler joined in on the ensemble: “Zakho? Zakho? Zakho?” There [...]