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Vagabond Journey

Media Analysis

  • The Last Bloggers Standing

    Cutting through the bush to find the edge again.

  • Watching Polish TV

    Television is often a strange window into a culture.

  • Both CNN And Vagabond Journey Ripped Off By Fake Youtube Channel

    My content is aired on a Youtube channel called CNNExlcusive without permission. It seems as if CNN may have ripped us off.

  • China Is Too Big, Vast, and Complicated For Singular Media Narratives

    I recently reported that Christianity is thriving in China and the government is taking a much more hands-off approach, then a Christian bookstore worker gets thrown in jail in Shanxi. China is a vast menagerie of contradiction, and to report on it properly you need to embrace this reality.

  • Absurd Racism Claim And Attacks On Chinese Culture

    Claims of racism hurled at Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue degrade minority cultures in China more than the photos themselves.

  • Has the “Information Age” Really Made Us Any Wiser?

    Does access to information really make people any wiser when they only access content that they agree with?

  • Olympics Show That NBC and American Networks Won’t Adapt to the New Media

    I connect my VPN to a server in the UK and open BBC Sport’s Olympic coverage page. I now have 24 different events that I can watch live streams of at my fingertips. The choice is mine: do I want to watch swimming or do I want to watch basketball? I can select the events [...]

  • New American Tribalism

    Tribalism in America Based on Opinion not Ethnicity I find USA culture difficult to deal with. I do not believe that this is because people here are particularly onerous — to the contrary, this is one of the more polite, friendly cultures on the planet — but because I am finding that USA society is [...]

  • CNN News and Traveling

    Watching CNN- dangers, fears, and death everywhere As a part of the benefits of a hotel room in Mexico (and being a little close to Los Estados Unidos) is that I get a television in my room. I do not usually use these things – I hardly even know what they are – but the [...]