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Letters to the Editor

  • How to Start a Career in Journalism Like Mine

    In this letter to the editor I’m asked how to become a traveling journalist.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Beautiful Country

    Thank you for saying that Bosnia and Herzegovina is beautiful — Hello! I’ve just found your site, and I really like it. I must tell you this- you ‘re blessed to have an opportunity to visit so many countries. And the reason why I write to you is because I must thank you for writting [...]

  • Bicycle Luke in SE Asia – Letter to the Editor

    <- – Letter to the Editor from Bicycle Luke, a long term around the world bicycle traveler, who I rode a few days with in Hungary – -> Hey Wade. Finally got my act together to bring everyone up to speed with what ive been up to. Below is the email i sent out, so [...]

  • Letter to the Editor – Dirty Pierre’s Crazy Bio

    This is a letter to the editor that I received from Dirty Pierre, a long term world traveling comedian, that he wrote to provide me with a better idea of who he is and what I am dealing with!

  • How Study Abroad Benefits Career

    Letter to the Editor from Verge Magazine Hi Wade, Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that the article I interviewed you for in the fall for Verge Magazine (on independent studies/travel) is finally slated for publication in their fall 2009 issue! So that will come out in September. I [...]

  • Letter to the Editor – Travel from Istanbul to Silopi

    This is a letter that I received from a reader that I previously gave tips to on how to travel from Istanbul to Iraq. This route went pretty easy for me, but it was a hard road for this reader. This just goes to show how inconsistent traveling can be and how travel information from [...]

  • Letters to the Editor – Dirty Pierre on a Motorcycle

    Letter to the Editor from Dirty Pierre: I love your posts. I am also travelling solo and today I rode of into the Vietnamese country side on my motorbike. To cut a long story short I got shaken down by some shysters at a remote cafe but on my way back home some school children [...]