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  • Win a Trip to South America with LAN Airlines [Sponsored] Plaza de los Coches

    Take a chance at winning a trip to Cartagena.

  • Colombia Tourism Bubble About to Burst

    “These people are sick of tourists already,” my wife spoke about Colombia. I had to agree with her. All too often people are afraid to speak out against the opinion of the group they’re surrounded by. Nobody wants to be a buzzkill. “Colombia is great, Colombia is great,” is the most commonly opinion from travelers [...]

  • New Family Travel Strategy

    In Colombia, I didn’t have the space to set myself up for making my travels, for really digging into a place, a culture. I did not set up any interviews, only went out into the streets with a particular mission but a few times. My bags were always packed in this country

  • Colombia Travel Expectations, Expect Only to Make Your Own Travels

    While it was not my intent, if someone were to read through the Colombia articles on vagabondjourney.com they may conclude that I did not really have a good time in this country. I write what I feel in the moment, and this is subject to change as each hour, day, or week passes. I enjoyed [...]

  • Mongui, Colombia Photos

    Mongui is a small village in the Boyaca region of Colombia. Nestled in the mountains, it is a colonial village with a Cathedral on the main square. Mongui has features excellent hiking in the mountains surrounding the town and a high level desert or paramo, not very far away. There are also several small scale [...]

  • Colombia Photos

    Bogota Cartagena Guane Juan Curi Waterfalls Mongui Palomino San Gil Villa de Leyva

  • San Gil Colombia Photos

    San Gil is a relatively small town in the Santander region of Colombia. It has become famous on the tourist map for the adventure sports it offers through a large amount of agencies and hostels. Many people go to San Gil to go rafting, abseiling, paragliding or bungee jumping. Though at first it doesn’t look [...]

  • Palomino Colombia Photos

    Palomino is a small town on the side of a highway around two hours east of Santa Marta on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. The town itself is little more than rows of houses with a few roadside corner stores and food stands catering to long distance truckers. However, after a twenty minute walk from [...]

  • Cartagena Colombia Photos

    Cartagena de las Indias is a large city on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. It has a population of a little over 950,000 people. Pedro de Heredia founded the Spanish Colonial city in 1533, naming it after Cartagena, Spain. It became a holding place for gold and treasures from the Americas until ships came to [...]

  • Leader of FARC Killed by Colombian Military

    Guillermo León Sáenz Vargas, otherwise known as Alfonso Cano, the latest leader of the FARC insurgents, was killed during a military raid of his mountain top hideout in Cauca, in the southwest of Colombia. Cano, a Marxist, lead the FARC since 2008 when their co-founder and legendary leader, Manuel “Sureshot” Marulanda, died of a heart [...]