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  • Juan Curi Waterfalls Colombia Photos

    The Juan Curi Waterfalls are located about a half hour from the town of San Gil in the state of Santander, Colombia. To reach the waterfalls you can take a minibus from the local bus station in San Gil off of Calle 10. Ask the driver to let you off at las cascadas, waterfall in [...]

  • Where You Can Drink Tap Water in Colombia

    “Don’t drink the water.” This has to be one of the most commonly offered advice to a traveler going to Latin America. Don’t drink the water? THE water, in this sense, means that which comes freely from the tap. This advice is not unfounded in many parts of Latin America is palatable only by those [...]

  • Bogota Colombia Photos

    The following photos are from Bogota, Colombia, and were taken in 2011 by Wade Shepard. They feature the districts: La Candalaria, Chapinero,and Parque 93. Bogota is one of the largest cities in the Americas — currently third only to Mexico City and NYC — and is a cosmopolitan world city in its own right. Bogota [...]

  • Travel Health in Colombia

    Here is a collection of tips about how to stay healthy when traveling in Colombia. It sounds strange to people who have been traveling throughout Latin America, but the tap water is actually safe to drink in some cities. In Bogota, Medellin, Manizales and Pereira, travelers can safely drink from the tap. In some smaller [...]

  • The Basel Convention and the Big Business of Hazardous Waste

    CARTAGENA- Colombia- “Waste is big business,” spoke Cameroon’s delegate to the tenth meeting of the Basel Convention in Cartagena, Colombia. We were sitting at the breakfast table of a hotel, across from him sat the environmental secretary of Nepal, to his right was the delegate for Cambodia. These men were here with 115 other delegates [...]

  • Transportation in Colombia

    Colombian destinations are easily reached by the extensive bus routes throughout the country. Annoying for many budget travelers, the bus stations are often located a distance from the city, forcing you to take another local bus or taxi into the city center. The bus stations are set up with various company’s offices. A traveler then [...]

  • Last Days Bogota street corner

    Bogotá, Colombia – The last days are here. The last bus rides. Last taxi’s (thank God!). Last hostel. Last weekend. Last museum. The last city – Bogotá. My final days of Latin America, for the near future, have arrived and I can’t say I’m sad to see them come. Things I normally wouldn’t think twice [...]

  • Life Working in the Informal Economy of Colombia

    These are all workers in the independent economy of Colombia. Otherwise known as hawkers, street vendors, shoeshine boys, and money changers these unregulated laborers sell their wares and offer their services to all who pass through the urban streets of this country.

  • Extending a Colombian Tourist Visa in Cartagena

    Upon arrival, most tourists receive 60 day visas to Colombia. If you sweet talk the immigration official, you can sometimes get 90 days; if they don’t like your face it is not unheard of to receive 30 days. Luckily, these tourist visas are not difficult to extend, and can be done so over and over [...]

  • Dancing in Culture and Biology

    “With the creation of the universe, the dance too came into being, which signifies the union of the elements. The round dance of the stars, the constellation of planets in relation to the fixed stars, the beautiful order and harmony in all its movements, is a mirror of the original dance at the time of [...]