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  • The Au Pair Diaries pt 1

    Like most people, I want to experience all the wonders the world has to offer. On the cusp of graduating college I was ready to break free and go. Just go. So, tapping into my six years of experience as a babysitter/nanny, I decided to become an au pair.

  • On The Streets Of Chile

    Driving in Chile? Now that’s adventure travel.

  • High and Dry

    San Pedro de Atacama, ChileThe Atacama Desert: Dry, rocky and brown.How Dry? In some places it is said to have never rained. No matter what the statistics it is widely believed that this is the driest desert on Earth which is dry enough to cause myself to have constant nose bleeds.How rocky and brown? About [...]

  • Catching Some Rays

    Cordoba, ArgentinaIt’s been way too long since I’ve caught any waves, sand and sun simultaneously (I think it was last in January). Being so long ago and so close to an ocean in Valparaíso I couldn’t allow this streak continue. Valparaíso itself is no beach town; just a lot of freighters unloading cargo but ten [...]

  • One Bright Spot in a Country Full of Inconveniences

    Valparaiso, ChileChile is the first country I’ve been to that I’m beginning to genuinely dislike. It’s not for any one thing in particular but for many small things that have accumulated over time. Each time I enter this country it feels as if I’m confronted with inconvenience after inconvenience or feel as if I’m being [...]

  • Getting Out

    La Junta, ChileFor the last couple of weeks since I’ve been in Chile I’ve been moving along the Carretera Austral. The carretera is the main route from Chile Chico to the northern part of the Aysén region. It’s become a popular spot for Israelis to hitch on their gap year after their military service and [...]

  • Brazo de Reina Disaster

    Coyhaique, ChileFor now, I’m just waiting around. Still waiting for that ATM card that should arrive any day now. There are far worse places I could be stuck but there are also far better. Early fall is settling into the Aysén Region of Chile making for cold, wet days and colder, wetter nights. The streets [...]

  • Into the Wilderness Slightly Unprepared

    Coyhaique, ChileWith nothing to do but hang around Cohaique until my ATM card arrives in the mail Alan suggested that we should buy some sleeping bags, get dumped off somewhere near a national reserve and just start hiking. This sounded like a good idea to me so we spent the better part of an afternoon [...]

  • Canceled ATM Card = Traveler’s Hell

    Coyhaique, Chile It doesn’t take someone with a perfect comprehension of the Spanish language to understand that when an ATM only gives you a receipt saying ‘Tarjeta capturada por orden del emisor.’ that you have been properly screwed. I stood in disbelief that the ATM just ate my card and recounted the 12,000 pesos (about [...]

  • Chilean Food

    The following are some examples of food in Chile. If you have any advice, information, or links that are related to eating in Chile, please comment below. Chorrillana Fried potatos, onions, and hamburger meat. It is a very greasy dish which comes from the Valpariso coastal region of Chile. It is often eaten immediatley prior [...]