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  • Volunteer at the Ngöbe-Buglé in Soloy, Panama

    Ngöbe-Buglé is a county in Panamá were the indigenous Ngöbe and Buglé live. There is an inexpensive way of visiting them through the Medo project. Medo is a small grassroots organization, named after a Ngobe-Bugle hero to promote the sustainable development of the District of Besiko, by recruiting specialized international volunteers to empower community members [...]

  • Before Departure

    Panama City, PanamaBuildings greater than five stories; lots of them. Massive shopping malls. Hooters. Casinos. Fashion boutiques and electronic stores. A truly western world city.Yet, at the same time there are loud, painted school buses with neon lights pouring out diesel exhaust. Street vendors. Walls and barbed wire protecting squat, concrete houses. A truly westernized [...]

  • The Bus Station

    Panama City, PanamaWhile traveling there are day to day occurrences that you take for granted at the time but look back on and smile when it’s all said and done. Of course that jungle hike, volcano trek or night of partying was great but those afternoons of aimlessly walking around in markets or long days [...]

  • Australia Day

    Panama City, PanamaBBQ. Got it. Beer. Bought. Australians. Here. January 26th a.k.a Australia Day. Two days ago I had never heard of Australia Day but within ten minutes of meeting Marise I was given the general jist; January 26th, grill, paint your face, wear some flags, and drink some beer. I was then shown this [...]

  • The Argentina Conundrum

    Bocas del Toro, PanamaI don’t like winter. I don’t like snow. Or ice. Or anything involving multiple layers of clothing. When I realized that my current travel plans of continuing in a southern direction until Argentina had me traveling through the southern part of South America during winter my plans had to change. Instead I [...]

  • Overboard in Panama

    Bocas Del Toro, PanamaI would like to thank the Ohio Department of Taxation for making my Advanced Open Water course in SCUBA diving possible. Without them returning money that belongs to myself this course would have cost me 8-10 days of travel funds. In a couple of months I will also be thanking the Federal [...]

  • What to Do in Panama

    What to do in Panama Disclaimer I received a very general question from a reader named Tony asking what he would be able to see in Panama. I have the impression that I tend to travel and have different experiences than most other travelers, so I do not think that I am the best person [...]

  • Travel in a 1971 Ford Falcon

    Travel in a 1971 Ford Falcon and Uniting Latin AmericaOr, A Way to TravelPanama City, Panama, in the food court of the mall across from the Albrook bus terminal I ate 25 cent slices of pizza and watched as two travels found a way to travel.I did not know that those two kids were travelers [...]

  • Travel Photos from Gibraltar England Panama Morocco

    Travel Photos from Gibraltar, England, Panama, and MoroccoThe following are links to images that I have taken while traveling through Gibraltar, England, Panama, and Morocco. I am trying to create a huge database of photographs at Vagabond Journey Travel Photos as well as test Andy’s experimental lifestyles project.Click on the below links to go to [...]

  • Playa Gorgona Hotel- Virgen del Carmen

    Playa Gorgona, Panama, Hotel- Virgen del Carmen Introduction This is the place for the vagabond to hole up on the beach in Panama. Playa Gorgona is the typical high-rise, expensive hotel beach on the Pacific Coast of Panama. The Virgen del Carmen hotel is by far the cheapest and is run by a big black [...]