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  • The Sack of Panama

    The Sack of PanamaAlexandre Exquemelin, the pirate surgeon, wrote a firsthand account of Henry Morgan’s attack on Panama City in his classic book, The Buccaneers of America. I read this book with jumping enthusiasm many times while growing up in the empty fields of Upstate New York, as I too wanted to be a pirate [...]

  • Border Crossing Costa Rica and Panama

    How to Cross the Border Between Costa Rica and Panama Introduction Crossing the border between Panama and Costa Rica is generally straight forward, although there are a few minor hitches that I would like to write the aspiring vagabond about. Border Crossing from Costa Rica to Panama This tip is for the border crossing between [...]

  • Panama is Alright

    Panama is Alright For every sky-rise resort soaring into the clouds, there is a hovel tucked beneath that offers the real face of a country at a skinny fraction of the cost. I am at the beach in Panama, in a cheap hovel, listening to the reggae-tone music blare over a little community on Saturday-party-night. [...]

  • Low Density High Income Tourism

    This is the creed of Panamanian tourism. Resorts, resorts, and the cars and buses that bring the people to the resorts. But those upright shafts to boredom have nothing for me. I walked by them for kicks tonight, and peered into the White Man bars. They were smiling and laughing pasted on laughs with their [...]

  • The Panama Canal

    The Panama CanalVisited the Panama Canal today. Yup. It was a canal. Felt as if I was checking something off of a list as I stood on the observation tower looking down upon the ships in the locks.I took the public bus out of Panama City and made Miraflores within twenty minutes. From there it [...]

  • Tica Bus to Panama City

    Tica Bus to Panama CityRode the Tica Bus from San Jose, Costa Rica to Panama City yesterday. Good ride. Comfortable bus service. I wrote Travel Tip #6- Avoid International Bus and Train Services earlier to warn against the economic disadvantage of taking international bus services, but I found that these quick, direct buses in Central [...]

  • No Good Feeling Here

    No Good Feeling HereI caught a bus into San Jose today because I was on my to Panama. I arrived in the city and began looking for the Tica Bus station. I had a folded square of paper in my hand that had Torre Mercedes written upon it. The Tica Bus station was two blocks [...]

  • Thinking of Panama

    Thinking of PanamaI have three weeks before I begin the archaeology project at Copan in Honduras. The ebb and flow of my relationship with Mira is becoming a little strained. I am a little worn out of Costa Rica. She has commitments here. I don’t. Every morning is beginning with a scold, every night a [...]