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Costa Rica

  • Skipping Out

    San Jose, Costa RicaTalking with a fellow traveler this evening I realized that for the past few weeks I’ve basically skipped over the general tourist spots in Nicaragua and plan on doing the same in Costa Rica. There was no volcano surfing near Leon, nor did I set my sights on Granada or hike any [...]

  • Costa Rica Photos

    Travel photos from Costa Rica. Click on the below links to go to the photos. Pages are divided into 10 images a page. Osa Peninsula Corcovado National Park Poas Volcano Protest in Costa Rica Free trade protest American Girls in Costa Rica Chiquita Banana Plantation in Costa Rica Bananas and Coffee are Costa Rica Exports [...]

  • Costa Rica Travel Guide

    Use this guide to help you prepare for your travels to Costa Rica. Below are topics and categories that are important for travelers going to Costa Rica. Browse the topics and submit links, comments, ideas, and information wherever you can to assist other travelers in Costa Rica. Map of Costa Rica Costa Rica Travel Information [...]

  • Travel Time from San Jose to Rivas Nicaragua

    Hi, I was also hoping to take a bus from San Jose to Rivas, and was wondering what the travel time was?

    You are looking at 6 hours to travel from San Jose to the Nicaraguan border, and then another 45 minutes to get to Rivas.

  • Good Places in Costa Rica

    Good Places to travel to in Costa Rica It is great that you will soon be traveling to Costa Rica. I say go to the Osa Peninsula on the southern Pacific Coast or  Ostional on the northwest coast is also real beautiful. Santa Maria de Dota in the highlands is a great place for hiking [...]

  • Costa Rica Travel Information

    Hello Again Keirsten, Below are some answers to your travel questions about Costa Rica. If you have any more questions feel free to send them in to Vagabond Journey Travel Help. Were there parts of Costa Rica that you enjoyed? Parts that you would recommend? Parts that you would caution? There are really three distinct [...]

  • How to Rent an Apartment in Costa Rica

    Howdy Keirsten, Please do not follow my path with renting out an apartment in Costa Rica. The one that I rented was only a temporary stay apartment that men usually use to cheat on their wives in. Seriously, this place was just set up to be a shag pad. I moved in there because I [...]

  • Standing on the Precipice of the Guatemalan Civil War

    HEREDIA, Costa Rica- She spoke with a biting sincerity and curtness that were moving far beyond her words alone. She was a survivor, having witnessed the sharp end of life first hand. Now a professor at Long Island University’s Global College in Costa Rica, the woman who I will refer to only as La Profesora, [...]

  • Travel from San Jose, Costa Rica to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    How to travel from San Jose to San Juan del Sur Bus from San Jose to Nicaragua border or Tica Bus Take either local bus to the Nicaraguan border then go to Rivas then San Juan del Sur (or you can ask around, as their may be a bus that goes direct from the border). [...]

  • Photos from Costa Rica

    Photos from Costa RicaI took the following pictures in Costa Rica during my travels there in 2006 and 2008. They are of San Jose, Heredia, the beaches of Manuel Antonio and Uvita, girls on the beach in bikinis, guys with long dreadlocks, gay men on the beach in speedos, the flora of Costa Rica, entomology, [...]