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Juguang Tower

The view from Kinmen is all political.

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I go here from time to time – I believe once per Kinmen visit. It’s a done up old military tower. Now it’s full of photos and explanations of some of the basics of Kinmen culture and PR Chinese tourists, who are now being shipped in by the boatload. 

What I find interesting is that the incredible view you can get from here is of the sparkling new central business district of … Xiamen. 

Xiamen and Kinmen make up the frontline of the division between Communist China (mainland China) and nationalist China (Taiwan). There is only around 1.5 kilometers of water separating them, so you can easily see one from the other. 

On the mainland China side they built up this massive central business district that’s packed full of dozens of skyscrapers to contrast with the small traditional villages that you find on Kinmen. The PRC’s plan is to develop something called the Cross-Straits Economic Zone, and the have their half all built and ready to go. Kinmen is the other half. 

What we see from the shores of Kinmen when we look out at mainland China is perhaps a carrot dangling from a stick: look at all the nice development and wealth you could have if only you were a part of us. 

Propaganda by the city, perhaps. 


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