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In Other Media: October 2018

Where I’ve been showing up this month.

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic- This is a list of my appearances in other media sources this month.

On the Front Porch

I did a 45 minute long interview with Kyle Bauer for the radio show On the Front Porch. While this interview was mostly about the New Silk Road, it also got into my background a little, how I started traveling, and how I became an itinerant writer and journalist. Listen here:

Al Bawaba

I was interviewed about Duqm by Grady McGregor for a story on Al Bawaba. Read it here:

The Remote Omani Fishing Village of Duqm is ‘Rising From the Desert’ as China Strategically Invests

What’s interesting is that Grady McGregor is the son of James McGregor — a modern old China hand who has written about the country extensively. I probably should have picked up on this when Grady was talking about how he grew up in China. He’s currently based in the Middle East and is writing about Chinese investment there. The next generation has arrived.

Geographical Magazine

Charlie Stevens interviewed me for his new article on Geographical Magazine about Khorgos in Kazakhstan. Read it here:

Along the New Silk Road – Khorgos: Where East meets West

Audi Magazine

I also appeared in a story in Audi Magazine about the global new city building phenomenon. It’s a print / subscription magazine, so no link here, but I can include a screenshot of the story:

I was called the co-author of the New City Atlas, which isn’t entirely correct, but I guess this was a jump to a logical conclusion. I helped out with the New City Atlas, writing the China section and a few other entries. Maybe “sub-author” would probably be more appropriate.

That’s it for now. I will keep you posted on where else my commentary and rants appear next month. Until then, walk slow.


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