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Important Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Moving to Hawaii

Planning to move to Hawaii? Read this first.

Hawaii is ranked third among all states when it comes to adding new residents from overseas and the mainland of the U.S. If you are planning on making a move to this tropical state, there are a few things you should consider first. After all, you want to make sure this is the right move for you and your family, right?

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The Cost of Living is a Bit Higher

If you want to live in Hawaii, one of the first things you need to know is that the cost of living here is a bit higher than other places. This is true for housing, food, electricity, and more. Also, anything that has to be flown or shipped to the islands is going to cost more.

Furthermore, the state of Hawaii is a high-tax state. The income tax rates are considered some of the highest in the entire country. This state also has a very high estate tax.

Wildlife is Everywhere

If you love nature, you are going to feel right at home when you move to Hawaii. Tropical fish, turtles, whales, and birds are all around the Aloha State. You can climb out of the water and venture into the mountains to see and experience a wide array of wildlife.

You may even see a few species of birds and wildlife you have never encountered before. It’s definitely an adventure when it comes to wildlife.

The Traffic’s Often Brutal

If you believe that a move to Hawaii is going to help you escape from traffic, think again. The traffic in Hawaii is quite heavy and this is true for the busier urban area of Honolulu, as well a the areas that aren’t as densely populated.

The two-lane roads that are extremely common in Hawaii may get filled up with cars rather quickly. While there are public buses available, the majority of people use their own vehicle to get around.

The Sunsets are Storybook Worthy

A Hawaii sunset is a daily even when you move to this state, and the best part is, they are completely free. If you are like most island locals, you will be filling up your social media pages. Your friends from your former home are going to be jealous and want to visit often.

Surfing is a Bit Harder Than It Seems

You may be somewhat tempted to try to surf after you move to Hawaii. This is a great activity.

However, something that you need to keep in mind is that surfing is much more challenging than it seems. Also, the best surfing spots in Hawaii are guarded by those who are considered experts. If you are new to the area, you may ruffle some features of the locals if you show up to prime surfing real estate, so be careful.

Is a Move to Hawaii in the Cards for You?

Do you feel as though it’s time to make some sort of a significant change in your life? Does it seem like moving to the state of Hawaii is a good idea? If so, it’s a good idea to keep the information here in mind. Doing so will help ensure you make the right decision for you and for your family.

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