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How to Travel Abroad for Free: Tips for Students

Getting started traveling abroad without money is possible.

Do you dream of visiting exotic countries like Cambodia, Congo or have some fun in Europe? Money is always an issue when students look for a place to go for vacation. But what if I tell you that there are ways to travel around the world without spending a fortune or even for free? Now I want to share with you some awesome tips to travel without spending a fortune. Here are the options you may consider:

1. Become an English teacher

The demand for English teachers is so high that people around the world are ready to cover all expenses of native speakers who will teach them. This way you can travel the world, make use of your English skills and maybe even making lots of money. I used to teach English to kids in China, and it’s definitely one of my best experiences!

2. Work opportunities

It’s easy to combine traveling and earning money. Back from our student days, my article writers from Australia and I liked spending our vacation on the road and doing freelance. Also, we searched for a job overseas. I’m not talking about a serious career, but merely a job where you can work for a while enjoying a new country and new experience. You may work on a farm, become a babysitter or academic writer, private tutor, cruise ship worker, tour guide, etc.

3. Volunteer

Want to change your life? Do you like helping others? If you’re not afraid of the challenges, then you should explore the volunteer opportunities. Finding an overseas volunteer program is the best way to travel the world, explore a new culture, or even learn a new language.

4. Vehicle relocation service

You may not know, but there’s a chance to take your family or special someone and have a nice drive while making money. No requirements, except for driving license. Only apply for a job and make sure that you don’t have to be rich to travel.

5. Couchsurfing

I doubt that there are people who haven’t heard of Couchsurfing. Save money by staying with locals. In addition to having a free place to stay, you can also accept the guests from other countries as well. Even without going out there is a chance to get acquainted with other culture, hear interesting stories, and make a friend you can always visit if you happen to be in the same country.

6. Travel credit cards

Get an airline, hotel or general travel card and earn discounts, elite members’ status, or even free travel. Check various card offers to get the maximum of what they offer. If you collect airline card and few different cards like General Chase Sapphire or AMEX, then the benefits are even greater.

7. Hitchhicking

This is a French girl hitchhiking in Iceland. This is perhaps one of the only countries in the world where lots of women feel safe enough to hitchhike alone.

Don’t have money to take a bus/flight? Not a problem! Hitchhiking is an option for those who are not afraid of challenges and like meeting new people. Surely you have to think carefully and use common sense as it’s connected with some risks, but the memories are precious enough to try doing it at least once.

8. House-sitting

One other option which provides you with a free place to stay and travel opportunity is house-sitting. While some people are on their vacation, you may take care of their house for them and make money. There are even options to take care of villas or yachts, so your free time will be fun for sure.

Travel Hacks

A lot has already been said, but I would still like to share a few simple travel hacks that will allow students to save money when traveling on a budget. If you don’t have enough saved miles, don’t worry. There is still plenty of ways to cut down on travel costs, so here are some of them:

  • Free Visa. Some countries may not require a visa, or it’s free, so go online and check possible travel destinations.
  • Follow up on sale events. Black Fridays, Christmas sales, or any other event may bring you unexpected presents in the form of delicious discounts.
  • Book tickets in advance. Price for tickets or accommodation is way cheaper if you book it in advance.
  • Change flights and airports. Sometimes it’s cheaper to switch airports/companies/flights instead of taking a direct flight. Plus, going from one airport to another you gain an additional local mini-trip.
  • Make friends among locals. Connections rule this world. Having a friend can mean having a place to stay, food to eat, free tours of the unknown unbeaten places, and much more.
  • Take free tours & visit free places. Lots of museums and galleries offer free exhibitions or free tours. Just Google for free opportunities.

I hope this will motivate you enough to take the first step towards traveling adventures. Explore this world!

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    These are great tips. I will use them in future.

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