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How To Keep Birds Out Of A Garden

A question about a dead bird.

In the small village I am staying in on Greater Kinmen Island there is a centrally located park that is kind of the center of recreational life. Old people stroll and young children play there. This is East Asia, so there are also vegetable gardens. 

In these vegetable gardens are carrots and leafy greens and stakes and ropes to keep plants growing upwards. 

And a dead bird hanging from a noose. 

I stood around in proximity to it waiting for some unsuspecting local to walk by. I caught a woman on her evening stroll. 

“Excuse me. I have a question. Why is there a dead bird in the garden?” I asked. 

She chuckled in the way that says don’t ask me that embarrassing question before responding, “It’s to keep other birds from coming.”

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