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Hiking and Trekking

  • Glacier National Park

    Into the mountains with an ex-family member.

  • Bushwalking Australia How to

    The basics for what you need to get into the wild outback of Australia

  • The Trek To Buscalan To Meet Fang Od

    A story of braving crowded trains, stuffed jeepneys, treacherous roads, and a trek through the mountains to remote village to meet the oldest traditional tattoo artist in the Philippines.

  • Trekking to Morocco’s Highest Peak

    A journey up Morocco’s highest peak, Toubkal mountain.

  • Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

    High up in the Virungas Mountains, trying to balance on twigs with nothing to hold on to, Sheila looks up to see a large female gorilla approaching her with seemingly no plan to walk around her. Face to face with the gorilla, Sheila is unsure where to move. The ground below her is slippery and [...]

  • Hiking in Pakistan

    Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries that I have I ever seen, especially the northern regions are enchanting beyond bounds. Snow-clad peeks surround you, sparkling lakes stun you, green forests stupefy you and the hospitable people leave an impact on you; it is truly the Switzerland of the East. The Northern region of [...]

  • To Bicycle or Hike Across Iceland

    As I sit in Logan airport I have one question on my mind: when my flight touches down in Reykjavik, am I going to look for a bicycle or just tramp. The advantages of both options are obvious, but the disadvantages of each method of travel are perhaps equally clear. Iceland weather and climate It is [...]

  • Walking to Monte Alban

    Hiking into the hills of Oaxaca.

  • Hiking in Antigua

    Hiking in Antigua is an excellent way to enjoy the beach, the mountains, and the flora and fauna that this 108 square mile island country has to offer. There are many hiking trails in the country

  • Cross Walk Story Part 2 and 3 Published

    The visit that I took last August to visit Thomas Helling as he walks across the USA with a giant cross over his shoulder has accumulated into a series of articles in the Feature Stories section of Vagabond Journey .com. Cross Walk in Connecticut – Maine to Mexico – Part 2 Cross Walk in Connecticut [...]