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Hiking and Trekking

  • Cross Walk in Connecticut – from Maine to Mexico – Part 3

    MYSTIC, Connecticut – “The more little miracles I witness the more I believe in the big ones,” Tom spoke as we sat on the side of highway 1, a tick east of Mystic, Connecticut. Thomas Helling was wearing a t-shirt with a large star of David printed upon it’s front in bright blue that had, “Jesus loves you,” superimposed over it.

  • Cross Walk in Connecticut – from Maine to Mexico -Part 2

    MYSTIC, Connecticut –Thomas Helling grunted a little as he picked the heavy 10 foot high wooden cross up from the side of the highway and hoisted it to his shoulder. Jesus’ instruction to his disciples was “Walk on.”

  • Global Positioning Systems GPS Good But Beware

    This entry about the trust parameters that should be placed around Global Positioning Systems — GPS — technology is the first part of a Vagabond Journey series on navigation. The hand held GPS unit is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that civilization has ever given to the back country wanderer. With properly knowledge of [...]

  • Japanese Travelers

    Japanese Travelers — “Back off! I have black belt!” spoke a Japanese traveler in broken English in a youth hostel dorm room in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was being taught new English phrases by a playful Australian. The Australian was, in fact, giving him a lesson on what to do in an American bus station if [...]

  • Of Cars and Nature- Lockett Meadow Flagstaff Arizona

    Lockett Meadow Surprise — I got some advice from a local in Flagstaff as to where I should spend the day hiking. “You got to go to Lockett Meadow!” he directed me with gusto. “How do I get there?” He told me: right onto Rt. 66, left when I get to a sign for Sunset [...]

  • Cross Walk Search Concluded Successful

    After a day and a half of driving up and down Connecticut’s eastern fringes of RT 1, searching for Thomas Helling — who is currently on a cross bearing pedestrian journey from Maine to Mexico — I realized that my methods were a touch futile. Driving down the highway at highway speed was to turn [...]

  • A Cross America – Spiritually Intoxicated Ex-Addict Walks from Maine to Mexico

    BANGOR, Maine – “Howdy sir!, Where are you hauling that big cross off to?” I rhetorically called out to a man walking down Maine highway 1A with a full sized Jesus cross slung over his shoulder. “To Mexico!” he responded, as he momentarily halted his hike to shake my hand. To Mexico. Why is it [...]

  • Walk Through the Atacama Desert from Caldera Chile

    CALDERA, Chile- This is my fourth day in Caldera, and I could possibly be here for a week more. I tried to leave a few days ago. Unsuccessful. I began walking north out of town on the Panamerican highway to the next town. Trucks flew by me as I walked, made me think about being [...]

  • Walking to Valparaiso from Vina del Mar

    VALPARAISO, Chile- Santiago’s port, or so Valparaiso is stated to be. I walked here this morning from Vina del Mar. An interesting walk down Ave. Espana along the coast. Transporting myself under my own power was the preferable option to dealing with the absurdity of trying to find a bus that would take me not [...]