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Fun Water Activities That You Can Do in Guam

What to do on the beach.


Guam is a wonderful little island country off the coast of the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. This popular honeymoon and holiday destination is famous for many things, with plenty of fun things to do. Guam is mostly known for its breathtaking oceans, sandy beaches, and beautiful landscapes. Although the oceans are beautiful to look at, there are plenty of water sports and activities to take part in while in Guam!

If you’re looking to have some fun time in the sunshine with watersports on your next holiday, then Guam is the place for you.  If you want to learn more about all the fun water sports you can do on your next holiday in Guam, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the most exciting water activities in Guam to help keep you entertained on your next visit. Follow this list, and make the most of your next trip to this exotic island country!


Kicking off the list of fun water activities to do in Guam is kayaking! Kayaking is a great sport for both beginners and experts, and it’s a great way to take in the local scenery. If you’re looking to master this watersport, you can learn more here on how to become a pro at kayaking. It’s a fun way to explore some of Guam’s less accessible coastlines. Pack a lunch, load up some supplies, and head out on a kayak trip and get a more unique feel of the island. Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports in the world, so it would be a shame to miss out on it on your next trip to Guam!

Stand-up paddleboarding

If you prefer to get a full-body tan and workout while exploring the island, then stand-up paddleboarding is for you! This water sport is popular as it gets you to work out all those hard-to-reach places while on holiday in Guam! Paddleboarding is a great way to get around the island and visit the island’s more remote areas. Like kayaking, you can load up on supplies and make a day of paddleboarding. There’s nothing like catching the last rays of a beautiful sunset on a paddleboard on the ocean. Rent out a board and take it with you to your desired location and get to paddling!


If you’re looking for something more exciting to do on the water, then look no further than parasailing. Parasailing provides the perfect mix of risk and excitement, without fearing for your life. This extreme watersport is common in Guam along the beautiful azure coastlines. You can float above the ocean in the sky with the help of a parachute being pulled along the shoreline by a speed boat. Parasailing is perfect for people looking to experience parachuting, without the fear of heights. Check out Alupang Beach Club or the Ocean Jet Club to get started on your parasailing adventure!

Jet skiing

Next on the list is another extreme watersport to do in Guam: jet skiing! This extreme sport is perfect for adrenaline junkies who like to do more on their holiday than just go for a swim! Jet skiing is popular along the gorgeous coastlines of Guam and for good reason. The smooth waters, plus a high-speed jet ski make for a perfect way to enjoy your sunny holiday in Guam. If you love the feel of the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the spray of seawater, then jet skiing is the thing for you this summer!

Snorkeling and diving

For those who like to appreciate everything below the water, then snorkeling and diving are for you! The shores of Guam have a lively and vivid reef life, which make up one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there are plenty of dive sites and snorkeling spots, for all skill levels, to check out in Guam. 

The small island is most known for its diving spots, but snorkeling is still a popular water activity for tourists. If you’re not one for the gas tank or the high water pressure, opt for snorkeling instead! Grab your masks, snorkel, and fins, find a spot to explore, and get to snorkeling!.


If there’s anything better than diving or snorkeling to experience the underwater beauty of Guam, it might just be snuba! Snuba combines the ease and simplicity of snorkeling with the wonders of breathing underwater! This unique style is the middle ground between snorkeling and diving and is perfect for the waters of Guam. 

As a Snuba diver, you’re hooked up to a scuba tank mounted on a raft, connected by a 20-foot line. This allows you to explore the depths as much as you like, without having to deal with all the heavy scuba diving equipment. It’s a great way to see Guam in a whole new light, and bring some exciting stories to tell your friends back home!

Seawalker diving

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a unique way to spend your time underwater in Guam, you have to try sea walker diving! Seawalker diving allows you to breathe underwater with the help of a specially designed helmet. You can stay up to 20 minutes underwater, and with the help of a trained guide, explore the waters of Guam and all the creatures it has to offer. Enjoy feeding friendly fish, looking at coral and anemones as you explore. Seawalker is perfect for all ages and is a great way to have a unique underwater experience in Guam!


So there you have it! Keep these hot watersports and activities in your mind on your next trip to Guam and you won’t regret it! When you’re visiting this beautiful, small island it would be a shame to not explore every part of it. Make sure to try out kayaking and paddleboarding to explore those secluded and exotic destinations. 

If you like to live on the wild side, try something a bit more exciting on the water. Take flight with parasailing or get your need for speed with jet skiing on the shores of Guam. You can’t go to this beautiful island country without checking out what’s under the sea! Whether you prefer snorkeling, diving, snuba, or seawalker, you have to check out Guam’s underwater wildlife! Have fun on your next stay in Guam and safe travels!

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