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  • Milking Goats in the City: China’s Rural to Urban Collission

    China’s cities are full of stark contrasts and contradictions, and that’s what makes them so fascinating.

  • Gardening Youth Group Goes Guerrilla in Bastrop, Texas

    Bastrop, Texas chooses weeds over “socialist” gardens, so a youth gardening group goes guerrilla.

  • Visa to WWOOF in Europe

    Question: What visa does an Indian citizen need to WWOOF — volunteer on organic farms — in Europe? Answer: Technically, you need a work visa to even volunteer in many European countries, but the authorities will probably never grant a visa for such an endeavor. So the common move is to enter on a tourist visa and [...]

  • How to Find Grunt Work While Traveling the World

    How to find work abroad as a manual laborer? How to find a job when traveling? Hello Steele, There is probably one rule for finding work abroad: knock on doors and ask around. If you make it known that you will work for bottom of the barrel wages, you will find work — especially since [...]

  • The Ballad of El Salvadoreno

    Salvadorian Immigration to the USA — “Mi trabajo aqui es finito, yo voy a desaparecer como Jaime,” spoke El Salvadoreno after he brought his last batch of basil, mesclun, and squash in from out of the field and shipped it off to market. His work on the farm was now finished, the only thing left [...]

  • WWOOFing Organic Farm Work in Argentina

    SAN ANDRES DE GILES, Argentina- Argentina’s economy was built on farming, on its famous beef, exported to Europe by the shipload.

  • The Egg Thief’s Revenge

    The Have a Heart Trap and the Egg Thief’s Revenge Last night on The Farm did not pass quietly, for there was a disturbance in the otherwise peaceful slumber of the nighttime barn. Something had gotten into the store of freshly plucked eggs. Was it a fox? a coyote? a raccoon? a rogue dog? “Break [...]

  • Travel and Work on Farms

    Traveling on the Path of the Sedentary– In a Biblical sense, the act of farming was the great metaphor for sedentarization. And thus man ceased wandering, took up the hoe, and walled himself into cities. In a momentary expression of my new found — though ultimately, temporary — sendentarization, I took up work on an [...]

  • Learning How to Organic Farm

    “Apparently, you don’t know how to do lettuce!” the owner of The Farm roared at me as I was dipping a head of lettuce in a washing tub. He had a touch of fire in his eyes, as he snatched the head of lettuce from my hand and showed me the proper way to dip [...]

  • Canadian Bicyclist Trades Farmwork for Accommodation

    ORLAND, Maine – Dave is from Canada, Dave travels by bicycle. Dave also has an interested strategy for finding free accommodation on the road: he trades a little labor to set up his tent on farms. I arrived to work on The Farm one morning to find a tent set up out near the pea [...]