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  • WWOOFing in Europe Good Way to Travel

    How do I plan to WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) in Europe? Hello Clare, I am glad to hear that you are planning on WWOOFing across Europe, it is a good way to travel. As you plan on working on organic farms during your year off from school, you are going to have a [...]

  • Organic Farming in America Labor Intensive

    From the Field to the Table — The Journey of an Organically Grown Salad — I have always scoffed at the relatively high retail costs of organic produce in the USA. But this was before I began working on an organic farm in Maine. Before this experience, I had no idea how labor/ time intensive [...]

  • Chickens on The Farm – An Introduction

    Now Introducing the Chickens of The Farm — “La musica de las gallinas,” El Salvadoreno said with a laugh as the entire chicken coop broke out in a cackling chorus. They were all screaming at us in their loudest of  chicken voices because we were shoveling the shit out of their habitation — our sanitation [...]

  • How to Move Pigs on a Farm – a Video

    I spent the afternoon on the Joyful Village organic farm weeding away a couple rows of peppers in a meditative stupor. I like weeding – as my hands just do the same damn thing over and over again which frees my mind to roam. As far as work goes, I enjoy the mindless jobs the [...]

  • Farm Work in Maine

    “These pitchforks aren’t used for hay,” J joked ominously as he handed over the quintessential tool of the farmer. He proved to be correct. I then began shoveling shit for my travel money. Literally: I was shoveling shit. I often jest that working crappy jobs for your travel funds is the equivalent of shoveling shit. [...]