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WLSA, World Leading Schools Association, Teaching Jobs in Shanghai and Beijing

Truly excellent jobs available for high school teachers in Shanghai and Beijing.

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I did not plan on becoming a headhunter. I did not sit down one day and decide that I would start up a recruiting company and connect employees looking to work in China with employers. There was a twist in the road and I ran smack into the profession. It just sort of happened. Over the past couple of years many readers have written to me asking for advice on working in China. I hooked some of them up with jobs, and the employers paid me pretty well for the referrals. The first time this happened I wasn’t expecting to be paid, and when the cash was deposited into my account it set off a little light: I could do this as a side business pretty easily. I have access to a large base of people with an interest in traveling/ working abroad through this website and its various channels, and I have many connections with good schools looking to hire them that I’ve cultivated over the time I’ve been in China. So over the past year I’ve been scaling this venture gradually, adding on schools in Jiangsu Province and Xiamen.

Then a few days ago an old friend that I went to university with who now works for a non-profit in China sent me an email asking if I would be interested in helping him recruit teachers for his organization. I agreed, and he sent me the specs for some of the best, highest paying teaching jobs that I have yet seen in this country.

WLSA, World Leading Schools Association, is a multi-national non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the educational gap between China and the West, is looking for roughly 30 teachers for AP English (Language and/or Literature), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Math, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Economics, and Psychology classes in top notch international high schools in Beijing and Shanghai. These are not the standard, fly by night English teaching jobs. These are jobs for real teachers serious about the profession. Likewise, the pay is relatively high: between 16K and 30K RMB ($2,600 – $4,900 USD) per month, depending on teaching experience, educational background, workload, and work location. Health insurance, housing, and round trip airfare are also included. Again, these are some of the best jobs that I have yet had come across my desk.

The required creds

  • English language fluency, proper grammar, sentence structure, word tense, subject-verb agreement, proper use of adjectives and adverbs, neutral accent, clear pronunciation, good intonation and English language rhythm
  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in applicable discipline
  • Minimum 2 years teaching experience in field of study
  • Recognized teaching credentials
  • Experience instructing ESL students preferred
  • Knowledge and/or experience of Chinese culture preferred
  • Ability to lead and engage large groups of students
  • Energetic and enthusiastic disposition
  • Professional and responsible demeanor

Jobs begin at the end of August and last for one year.

Seriously, readers, these are extremely high quality jobs with a good organization. If you’re interested in applying, send a copy of your CV, a head shot, a scan of the information page of your passport, and two letters of recommendation to me at vagabondsong[at]gmail.com.  Or if you know of a teacher looking for work please forward this post to them. If you’re interested in working in Jiangsu Province or in Xiamen, please also get in touch. Thanks.

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We also recommend i-to-i TEFL courses. My wife took their 120 hour course, which taught her a lot and has always worked well at getting her jobs abroad. Take a look at their offerings here.

After you have your teaching certification send me an email and I can help you find a good job in China!

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  • Andy Lee Graham April 29, 2014, 5:42 am

    Hello Wade, are you or your wife qualified to get these jobs, or is this higher than her or yours qualification?. Would you qualify with all your tattoos? This give me a baseline understanding, Because for sure this is high pay. I am serious. Thanks Wade. Andy on the way to Vilcabamba, Ecuador on 27th of May.

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    • Wade April 30, 2014, 1:11 am

      I wish haha. These are some pretty high end teaching jobs. The tattoos resonate very differently in most other countries than they do in the USA. People here just think I’m an artist, and they often don’t believe me when I tell them I’m not haha. Though I don’t really have the kind of teaching credentials for these jobs anyway. They’re looking for actual high school teachers. My wife may be able to get in the running, but I’m not even so sure about how successful she would be. Would be cool to make that much money though 😉

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  • China Link May 22, 2014, 9:10 pm

    My wife may be able to get in the running, but I’m not even so sure
    about how successful she would be. Would be cool to make that much

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    • Wade Vagabond Journey May 23, 2014, 2:02 am

      If she would like to apply tell her to get in touch.

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