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  • ‘Be Flexible And Prepared To Get Stuck’ Nomadic Backpacker Traveling In The Balkans During The Pandemic Belgrade protests

    Travelling during the coronavirus pandemic is a bureaucratic minefield.

  • Teach English in Albania

    English teaching jobs in Albania are mostly found in Tirana (Tirane). Private and university jobs are available to native English speakers, especially if they have experience and a university degree.

  • Europe’s Schengen Zone Continues to Expand

    Trouble for travelers, Europe’s Schengen zone continues to expand A new affront has met the long term traveler’s horizon: multi country immigration zones. The Schengen of Europe is by far the worst, as 25 countries in the continent now only allow a visitor 90 days to visit all of the member states. But this number [...]

  • Couchsurfing While Pregnant

    Wade and I have tried several different methods to save money on accommodation while traveling. We stayed in an apartment in Budapest, slept in dorm beds in Belgrade and Sarajevo, stayed in private rooms in Mostar and Dubrovnik ad slept in a sex hotel in Northern Albania. But the cheapest and best by far was [...]

  • Mothers in Tirane, Albania

    In Tirane, Wade and I couchsurfed with a young Albanian man, Florenc, and his mother. I was exhausted from pregnancy and it was a welcome relief to stay in a home instead of a hostel or sex hotel. Florenc was recently returned from New York where he lived and worked before being denied political asylum. [...]

  • Pregnancy Cravings in Eastern Europe

    “So what kind of fruit do you want?” the Serbian mom who lived at the hostel in Belgrade asked me. I looked at her all confused. “With my first one, my son, I couldn’t get enough apples,” she continued, “I could eat them all day long. And with her,” she nodded toward her daughter, “I [...]

  • UFO University Tirane Albania Photo of Day

    Travel Photo of the DayUFO University Tirane Albania I hear their classes are out of this world.

  • Blood Feuds in Albania

    Blood Feuds in Albania“And first they established the rule: whoever kills will be killed. Blood is avenged with blood.”“Nobody comes to Gramsh,” Tauschia told us as we were ascending the foothills of the Albanian Alps that surround the small town of Gramsh.“We are here,” I joked, though I knew that there would be no way [...]

  • Bunkers in Albania

    Bunkers in AlbaniaThousands upon thousands, almost a million mushroom shaped, concrete and steel bunkers pop out of the Albanian countryside like pockmarks upon the face of a country that saw worse times. Littering the entire country, these bunkers where once meant to provide protection for the citizens of Albania in the event of an attack, [...]

  • Mountains of Albania

    Mountains of Albania A teenage girl looks queasy as the bus quickly rounds mountain switchback after mountain switchback in rural Albania. The driver is yelling and screaming about something and gesturing with his hands in wild motion. The bus flies around another curve and I am sure that the driver does not have more than [...]