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  • Colorful Painted Buildings of Tirane

    Colorful Painted Buildings of Tirane, AlbaniaUnder all of the grit, dust, and exhaust fumes, one of the most striking features about Albania’s capital city, Tirane, is that many of its apartment buildings are painted with bright colors in stripped patterns. Tirane’s mayor, Edi Rama, was once a painter, and he did not leave his art [...]

  • Tirane Albania Good City

    Tirane Albania Good Hospitality Good City“Most travel, and certainly the rewarding kind, involves depending on the kindness of strangers, putting yourself into the hands of people you don’t know and trusting them with your life. The risky suspension of disbelief is often an experience freighted with anxiety. But what’s the alternative? Usually there is none.” [...]

  • Money Too Low to Worry About

    Money Too Low to Worry AboutMy funds are now lower than they have been since early 2003 when I ran out of money in Patagonia. I now only have 1,000 big ones to my name and I do not care. If I run out of money, I work. This is a normal response to a [...]

  • Another Couchsurfing Adventure Shkoder Albania

    Another Couchsurfing Adventure in Shkoder, Albania“Adventure only happens when things go wrong.”After being forgotten about by a Couchsurfing host in Belgrade, after receiving an out of service contact number from a host and being stranded at night in a small village in Montenegro, I actually met my host in Shkoder, Albania.And the first words out [...]

  • Travel to Albania

    Travel to AlbaniaI had never been to Albania before.I love beginning travelogue entries with this statement. There is a certain energy, stream of excitement, and, yes, romance found in the pondering of a place that you have never been before. I am glad that the world is a large place, and that there should always [...]