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Cities and Urban Development

  • The New City Building Phenomenon Is Finally Getting Interesting

    Seven years of new cities …

  • Life In An Urban Village Of Kuala Lumpur

    “Soon, this place, everything you see here, will be no more.”

  • CYBERJAYA: Malaysia’s TECH City — First Visit, First Impressions

    I step into the epicenter of Malaysia’s new city movement.

  • China’s Disposable Cities

    China’s cities are being built to be demolished to be built again. They are virtually disposable. Here’s why.

  • What Becomes of China’s Ghost Cities

    I traveled back to a deserted new urban development in China eight years later to find what had happened to it.

  • The Myth of China’s Big and Crowded Cities

    China has some of the largest and most populated cities in the world, but they are not as big as they seem.

  • Public Bicycles in Mexico City

    Public Bicycles in Mexico City MEXICO CITY, Mexico- Rows of funny looking red bicycles are assembled together on racks spread throughout the downtown parts of Mexico City. I initially thought it interesting that so many people in this city had the same goofy bicycle — maybe they were on sale? — until a friend enlightened [...]

  • Stealing a View of Mexico City

    Stealing a View of Mexico City from Latinoamericana Tower MEXICO CITY, Mexico- I looked out across Mexico City and watched the roads, buildings, the hustle and the bustle fade away into the mountains beyond. “Wow, what a view,” I thought. I was up in one of the top floors of the Latinoamericana tower, which was [...]

  • What is Mexico City Like?

    What is Mexico City Like? MEXICO CITY, Mexico- “It’s pretty nice,” I spoke when questioned about what I think of Mexico City. I was walking with some friends in Balderas, and I kicked myself that “nice” was the most adequate adjective that I could come up. But it is true: Mexico City is pretty nice. [...]

  • Drinking in Lisbon- Bairro Alto

    Drinking in Lisbon- Bairro AltoI walked out of my hotel in Bairro Alto on a Sunday morning and could only wonder about what had happened the night before. There were bars, beer, wine, a funny Russian, funnier Portuguese, a foosball table, Mira being really drunk, and thousands of people in the ancient stone streets just [...]