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Vagabond Journey

Cities and Urban Development

  • Life In An Urban Village Of Kuala Lumpur

    “Soon, this place, everything you see here, will be no more.”

  • CYBERJAYA: Malaysia’s TECH City — First Visit, First Impressions

    I step into the epicenter of Malaysia’s new city movement.

  • China’s Disposable Cities

    China’s cities are being built to be demolished to be built again. They are virtually disposable. Here’s why.

  • What Becomes of China’s Ghost Cities

    I traveled back to a deserted new urban development in China eight years later to find what had happened to it.

  • The Myth of China’s Big and Crowded Cities

    China has some of the largest and most populated cities in the world, but they are not as big as they seem.

  • Public Bicycles in Mexico City

    Public Bicycles in Mexico City MEXICO CITY, Mexico- Rows of funny looking red bicycles are assembled together on racks spread throughout the downtown parts of Mexico City. I initially thought it interesting that so many people in this city had the same goofy bicycle — maybe they were on sale? — until a friend enlightened [...]

  • Stealing a View of Mexico City

    Stealing a View of Mexico City from Latinoamericana Tower MEXICO CITY, Mexico- I looked out across Mexico City and watched the roads, buildings, the hustle and the bustle fade away into the mountains beyond. “Wow, what a view,” I thought. I was up in one of the top floors of the Latinoamericana tower, which was [...]

  • What is Mexico City Like?

    What is Mexico City Like? MEXICO CITY, Mexico- “It’s pretty nice,” I spoke when questioned about what I think of Mexico City. I was walking with some friends in Balderas, and I kicked myself that “nice” was the most adequate adjective that I could come up. But it is true: Mexico City is pretty nice. [...]

  • Drinking in Lisbon- Bairro Alto

    Drinking in Lisbon- Bairro AltoI walked out of my hotel in Bairro Alto on a Sunday morning and could only wonder about what had happened the night before. There were bars, beer, wine, a funny Russian, funnier Portuguese, a foosball table, Mira being really drunk, and thousands of people in the ancient stone streets just [...]

  • Graffiti in Portugal

    Graffiti in Portugal Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal November 1, 2007 Wade from www.VagabondJourney.com One thing that struck me right off about Portugal is the quality of the graffiti. The following are some photographs of grafitti that I took around the Lisbon area of Portugal. For more information and photos of Portuguese graffiti please go [...]