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China Photos 3

Photographs from China. Pictures of the people, places, and animals of China. These photos are of sunsets, dinosaurs in Inner Mongolia, Chinese traffic, elderly Chinese doing Tai-Chi, Cricket fights, fighting crickets, a vegetable market in Shanghai, the Trans-Siberian Express, Chinese tourists, and Shanghai at night. Feel free to use these photographs, just be sure to provide a functional link back to Thank You! Submit links and comments to this page! Publish your relevant link, comment, or information below.
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Travel Photographs from China:

Sunset over the bay and cargo ships of Qingdao, China. Spring 2007.
mongolia dinosaurs
Dinosaurs of Inner Mongolia. Photo was taken while hitch-hiking across China with Loren Everly. Photo by Loren Everly.
chinese traffic
The Chinese highway system. Lots of traffic in these twisting and turning worm piles.
Elderly Chinese people practicing Tai-Chi in a park in Beijing.
shanghai market
Photo of a Shanghai vegetable market.
chinese tourist
Odd looking tattooed Chinese tourist drinking yogurt.
Photograph of a Chinese man in Tai-Shan.
great wall photo
Picture of the Great Wall of China.
trans siberian express
Photo of the Trans-Siberian express which goes from Beijing to St.Petersburg, Russia.
Shanghai at night.
fighting crickets
Photo of Chinese fighting crickets in little cages. The men here like to fight these crickets and bet on them. It is the national sport of China.
chinese cricket fight
Chinese cricket fight. The men are selecting winners.

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