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Dominican Republic Travel Blog

Travelogue entries and travel tips from the Dominican Republic.

  • Air Travel to the Dominican Republic

    Air Travel to Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is a great air hub to the Caribbean region, being serviced by budget and major airlines alike. Flights are cheap from New York, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale. Santiago and Santo Domingo are the most popular entry and exit points in the country. If you have any tips, [...]

  • Breastfeeding in Public while Traveling

    Breastfeeding in Public while Traveling I exclusively breastfed Petra for five months before we went to the Dominican Republic, so I was pretty comfortable feeding her in public. I am not super modest, but I’m also not used to showing the world my breast either. It takes a little practice to be able to discreetly [...]

  • Differences in Dominican and American Child Raising

    With my new found Dominican friend and her little baby, it wasn’t long before we started commenting on the things we did differently. Mothers love to compare and give advice, people from different countries also love to do the same. There are always new fads and new fears in child raising. Here are some of [...]

  • Traveling With a Baby Makes Me Friends

    Traveling with a 5 month old infant in the Dominican Republic, I find that a baby opens a lot of cultural doors. After flying in from Maine, we arrived in Santiago, tired but happy and immediately took a bus to Sosua where we rented out a studio room for a month. We are now looking [...]

  • Air Travel with a Baby

    Air Travel from Maine to the Dominican Republic We said goodbye to my family in snowy Maine and boarded a southbound plane.  Petra and I took her first plane trip when she was two months old , and now at five months she was already a traveling pro — having logged more in the air [...]

  • Time to go abroad

    The beginning of our family travels.

  • Corrupt Immigration Officers Dominican Republic

    SANTIAGO AIRPORT, Dominican Republic- “No se acceptan dinero. Ni pesos, ni dollares, ni Euro,” was written on large posters stuck to the front of each immigration booth at the Santiago international airport.

    Apparently, these signs are suppose to keep the immigration officials honest. My experience can only attest that these posters do not function as intended.

  • Santiago Airport Hotel

    What to do about extremely early flight departures?

  • Leaving Sosua Going to Santiago Airport

    SOSUA, Dominican Republic- We said a lot of goodbyes as we left Sosua, the place in the north of th Dominican Republic that my family had made our home for the past six weeks. “I really hate saying goodbye,” my wife spoke just before leaving our room behind. But the number of goodbyes you say [...]

  • Travel from Dominican Republic to Haiti

    CAP HAITIEN, Haiti- There are two main public transport options for getting from the Dominican Republic to Haiti overland.

    1. Take an express bus from either Santiago or Santo Domingo.
    2. Take a local bus to the border, walk across, then find transport on the other side.

    Neither option is very difficult.