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Dominican Republic Travel Blog

  • Crossing Border Between Dominican Republic and Haiti

    Dominican Republic and Haiti border crossing There are three border crossings open to foreigners between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. In order from north to south they are at Ouanaminthe – Dajabon, Belladere – Comendador (Elias Pina), and Malpasse – Jimani. The southern most crossing, which links Santo Domingo with Port au Prince is the [...]

  • Independence Day Dominican Republic

    SOSUA, Dominican Republic- The beating of a legion of drummers woke me up from a sound slumber, and I stumbled out the door to see who or what invading army was marching into town on the morning of February 27 in the Dominican Republic.

    I found school children. Thousands of them.

  • Dominican Republic Cockfight

    SABANETA, Dominican Republic- “Los gallos me dan dinero, mujeres me lo quitan.”

    The roosters give me money, women take it away from me.

    This was written on the back of a cockfighter’s t-shirt, and as the crowd of men erupted in primal screams that bordered on verbal violence as two roosters in the center of a ring dealt each other blows of physical violence, I knew that half of this statement could have been the truth:

    These men had a lot of money riding on the two roosters hacking each other apart on the stage of death and unrequited victory.

  • Cockfight Preparation in the Dominican Republic

    SABANETA, Dominican Republic- The men were bolstered, bristled, fired up and ready to watch one barnyard fowl shred and tear life and limb from another. We were at a Cockfight in Sabaneta in the Dominican Republic, the cockfighting capital of the world.

    An all male crowd stood around in groups and in circles, inspecting roosters, weighing roosters, holding roosters, and, most importantly, hedging bets on roosters.

  • Airfare from Dominican Republic to Guatemala

    SOSUA, Dominican Republic- $570 was the total cost I had to shell out for me and my small family to purchase air tickets on Spirit Air from Santiago, Dominican Republic to Guatemala City. $285 each will get us one click away from El Salvador, our next base of operations.

  • Cockfight Training Camp Dominican Republic

    RURAL SOSUA, Dominican Republic- The crowing of roosters filled the air and the pickup truck bounced and rattled over the stones and potholes of an ill maintained driveway. I bounced around in the back of truck as it tore quickly into a round about and came to an abrupt halt.

  • How to Get to Cabarete from Sosua Dominican Republic

    Travel from Sosua to Cabarete Introduction The beach town of Cabarete lays around 15 km east of Sosua on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. How to travel from Sosua to Cabarete It is easy to travel between these two towns. From Sosua, the best way to Cabarete is to take a public taxi [...]

  • Cockfighters in the Dominican Republic

    SOSUA, Dominican Republic- A golden necked Shanghai strutted about inside of wide open grass lot in Sosua. He pecked at the ground and chased a couple hens as I watched. I have been walking around this city looking for such a sight. Accompanying the rooster were a few chickens, and a couple geese. There was also chicken coop in the corner of this field, which was right near the center of town, and a broken down concrete building on the other side near a main road, and an assortment of sheds scattered about the property. I noticed that there was a nice green lawn, nicely mowed.

  • Transportation from Sosua to Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

    Introduction to Transportation from Sosua to Puerto Plata It is very easy to get between Sosua and Puerto Plata on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. These towns are 25 km apart and it takes a little over a half hour to travel between them. How to travel from Sosua to Puerto Plata To [...]

  • Cabarete Beach Dominican Republic

    CABARETE, Dominican Republic- But the beach is nice. Chair vendors charging 100 pesos to sit down, ladies swarming in droves with little photo books trying to put braids and beads in my beard, white people basking in the sand under foot, a wrinkly lady listening to headphones drunk by the surf — I think she [...]