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  • Setting Out for the Tool Fan Ethnography Project, Phoenix: Part 1

    In this post, Julia tells us about her first day and night on the road, hitting MJK’s Merkin Osteria en route to the Phoenix show.

  • Camping on the Sly in a Deserted Military Base in Taiwan

    Find out what happened when I camped out in a decommissioned Taiwanese military base.

  • Camping at Borgarnes, Iceland

    BORGARNES, Iceland- I had just been kicked out of the Borgarnes Youth Hostel for using the internet — apparently — for too much time. I was staying at the hostel’s campsite, which sits just outside of town, and there is a little sign posted there inviting campers to use the internet at the hostel. I found [...]

  • Camping on a Farm in Hvalfjordur, Iceland

    HVALFJORDUR, Iceland- From our position at the mouth of a river running into the fjord at the tail end of a hard day of traveling, both Pierre and I needed to find a place to camp. It was not looking good, signs were posted everywhere saying “no camping.” We would have to look elsewhere for [...]

  • Camping and Traveling by Bicycle

    Question: What is your strategy for finding a place to sleep at night? What are your requirements for a good place to camp? Luke’s response: Bicycle travel and camping go hand in hand. You often find yourself in between towns with no option but to sleep with the trees. Being prepared for this means that camping out [...]

  • Global Positioning Systems GPS Good But Beware

    This entry about the trust parameters that should be placed around Global Positioning Systems — GPS — technology is the first part of a Vagabond Journey series on navigation. The hand held GPS unit is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that civilization has ever given to the back country wanderer. With properly knowledge of [...]

  • Searching for a Mobile Home in Arizona

    Backpacking is dead, killed by baby — My travel baggage has increased a hundred fold in a short period of time. My possessions, supplies, and people no longer can fit snugly inside of a rucksack. I now need a travel strategy that can carry this load. Traveling with a wife and baby has shown my [...]

  • Camping in Arizona

    Arizona is an awesome state for camping, it is truly awesome. I am still amazed to go out into the back country and see evidence of modern campsites — fire rings — all over the place. The people in this state are free to roam the deserts and forests and mountains, and to sleep and [...]

  • Hennessy Hammock Shelter Gear Review

    A travel gear review of the much fabled Hennessy Hammock Tent/ Travel shelter. I initially became interested in this type of tent while traveling by bicycle in Eastern Europe in the summer of 2008, and I finally acquired one a year later. I must say that the Hennessy Hammock lived up to all expectations that [...]

  • Camping at Tikal

    Camping at TikalCamping at Tikal. Got eaten by jungle insects; a loud drunk moron kept yelling all night long without regard or care for the other campers; and the only facilities at the campsite were a small palm leaf pavilion placed over a concrete slab. I think, though am still not sure, that we were [...]