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Blog Posts Are Not Properly Chronological

Why this blog is so counter-chronological.

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For those old school readers who have been reading this blog for a while, you know that it’s not in proper chronological order. In fact, it’s an all out temporal free-for-all. In one post I’m in one part of the world, in another I’m on the opposite side, then in the next I’m somewhere else. Yes, I have been traveling fast these days, but not quite that fast.

I’m seldom ever really at where it may seem that I’m at from the most recent posts here. This isn’t an intentional diversion, but just part of the practical aspects of traveling and writing.

Some blog posts simply take a little longer than others and some countries demand more posts than there is time to write when on the ground there.

Also, during these research travels I also tend to be incredibly busy — moving fast, visiting many places, and meeting with many people in rapid succession. There is often just not enough time left at the end of the day for blogging.

I’m also writing for bigger publications from the road, and this sometimes take precedence over blogging — as much as I don’t want to admit it. When there’s deadlines to meet it’s simply logical to push back posts that can be published later on without much consequence.

However, I try to write about countries in blocks. I will try to publish all of my posts about Singapore before publishing about Cambodia, Cambodia before Bangladesh, Bangladesh before Sri Lanka. Destination based articles will continue being published somewhat chronologically, but current “right here, right now” types of posts will continue being published in between. Think of the order of this blog like the staggered fingers of two hands clasped together.

This can be confusing, I know, but this site is about real life, and, well, real life is rarely ever neatly ordered.


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