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How I can afford to travel like this. There is a strategy to it.

This is my work, in no particular order of importance. The five fingers of what I do. 

Writing articles, books, and blog posts; filming vlogs and documentaries. 

Generally speaking, I’m engaged with all five of these media formats at a time, often taking one project and splitting it five ways. 

I rarely travel to a particular location to do a particular story for a particular outlet. Rather, I travel to a particular location to do half a dozen stories for various publications on various platforms. 

This strategy keeps me solvent. My work would surly violate economic fundamentals if I tried to fund it via one job with a single publication. It just wouldn’t add up if I traveled somewhere to just do a single story in a single medium. 

This also keeps me cheap. As a rule, I fund my own travels, which keeps me on my own timeline and independent. So I can go wherever I want to go, stay for as long as I want, and cover the stories I want to cover. I’m on my own dime, and can do things my way. 

In each location that I travel to I will generally cover three to five topics, and for each topic I will produce articles for two or three publications, a couple blog posts, a vlog, a handful of videos to attach to articles, as well as some content to add to a book and/or a documentary. 

It’s like firing a shotgun. The pellets come from the same place but go everywhere. Fire enough shots and you stand a decent chance of hitting the target. 

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