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  • Convergent and Divergent Theories of Cultural Evolution

    All cultures change, this is normal. Even rapid change, mass assimilation, disintegration are not oddities in the timeline of human cultural evolution. With each ebb and flow of a socio-political empire across large portions of the world, cultures, traditions, and languages are rapidly changed, assimilated, killed off, and new cultures are created. What is culture? [...]

  • Monte Alban Archaeology Site

    OAXACA, Mexico- Monte Alban sits on a flat top, mini plateau that has a 360 degree view of the surrounding Oaxaca Valley and far off into the Sierra Madres in the distance. Beautiful. Archaeology sites are often become big tourists sites for a reason: They were often built in truly spectacular locations. Who among us [...]

  • Trick or Treating in Mexico

    A little pumpkin.

  • Village Life Shows Concentrated Humanity

    Village Life is Humanity Through a Magnifying Glass There is a row in the hotel kitchen. Again. The Maya women who work there screwed something up and they are blaming it on anybody and everybody that is not them. They blame each other, they blame my wife, they try to place the blame onto anyone. [...]

  • Indigenous Tarpon Fishing

    Fishing for Sabalo Tarpon with Maya in Guatemala This article is part one of a series on indigenous Maya fishermen and fishing methods in the Rio Dulce area of eastern Guatemala. RIO DULCE JUNGLE, Guatemala- I looked down at a collection of gigantic fishing hooks that were laid out upon a white plastic lawn table [...]

  • Vagabond Journey to Become Geographic eMagazine

    Vagabond Journey Travel to Geographic The way it seems to me there are two ways towards publishing success: 1. You do the same thing as that everyone else is trying to do, put it in a posh package, either do it better or get the most friends to say that you do it better — [...]

  • Archaeology as a Stable Career Path and Fieldwork in Egypt

    Should I pursue archaeology as a stable career path? This is a question from a reader named Lane who would like to know if he could expect to find a stable career in archaeology and do fieldwork in Egypt. Hello Lane, Your question sort of comes at me from right field, as my  draw to [...]

  • Interested in Anthropology

    I noticed that you are interested in Anthropology. What field are you interested in?

    I was taken in by the anthropology pretty early on. I started out with archaeology, and worked about 8 field seasons. But my degree is in cultural anthro . . . . well, I suppose technically my concentration is in Ethnographic journalism, which is just more or less applied ethnography for the purpose of writing articles.

  • Nature or Nurture Travel Debate

    Nature or Nurture Travel Debate #2At the confluence of the 20th century, the entomologists, E.O. Wilson, realized that he could apply the methods of the biological sciences to the human creature in order to better understand human behavior, the role of culture, the idea of free will, and the repeated occurrences of phenomenon such as [...]

  • Cultural Relativity Debate

    Cultural Relativity Debate Results“It’s a useless and difficult thing to point your finger at someone else and tell them they are wrong in doing something. They will, more than likely, turn it around and note the flaws within you and your culture. . . . Morality is a culturally created bias.” -Amanda“No, some things are [...]