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  • I Try Ouzo

    It is a rule of travel to always try the local drink of choice.

  • Chacha, A Georgian Tradition

    Drinking the specialty of Georgia.

  • The Strange Beers of China

    Beer nerd Lawrence Hamilton samples random and strange beers in China.

  • Beer in Iceland

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland- Real beer — that which exceeds 2.25% alcohol — was illegal in Iceland until March 1, 1989. This day marked the end of a long prohibition period in the country, and has been celebrated ever after as “Beer Day” — the day that Icelanders could desist from mixing vodka and home brew liquor with with their low [...]

  • Mezcal Sold on Beaches of Mexico

    Home Distilled Mezcal Sold on Beaches of Mexico PUERTO ANGEL, Mexico- A great cheer went up from a crowd of fishermen on Panteon Beach as an old man drew near burdened under the weight of two large plastic gas cans. I rose to attention, for what was truly so great about a guy bringing gasoline [...]