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  • Trekking to Morocco’s Highest Peak

    A journey up Morocco’s highest peak, Toubkal mountain.

  • A Moroccan Journey Series Introduction

    The above video is a trailer for Pierre Laurent’s A Moroccan Journey series that will be published on Vagabond Journey starting this month. The series will include the stories, images, and videos that Pierre collected on his journey into the hinterlands of Morocco this past May. After watching the above trailer I can say that [...]

  • Meknes Medina Wall Photo

    Travel photo of the day- The high walls outside of the medina at Meknes, Morocco. The old cities of Morocco are like giant ant colonies, and it is almost too much fun running through all of the tunnels, alleyways, and passageways. They are great places to get lost — not only physically but temporally as [...]

  • Travel Photos from Gibraltar England Panama Morocco

    Travel Photos from Gibraltar, England, Panama, and MoroccoThe following are links to images that I have taken while traveling through Gibraltar, England, Panama, and Morocco. I am trying to create a huge database of photographs at Vagabond Journey Travel Photos as well as test Andy’s experimental lifestyles project.Click on the below links to go to [...]

  • Hate Mail From Morocco

    Hate Mail From MoroccoAndy the Hobo Traveler.com and I have an ongoing joke about all of the hate mail that he receives. We rather satiricly equate the volume of hate mail with the level of success that an internet writer achieves.Andy receives tons of hate mail= His site is very successful.I do not receive very [...]

  • Back in Casablanca

    Back in CasablancaI am now writing from the very place that I began the Moroccan portion of my journey almost exactly four months ago: the Foucauld Hotel in Casablanca. Four months of traveling, four countries. I sit here thinking about these travels, and my life up to here. What have I done? What am I [...]

  • Marrakech Market Video

    Marrakech Market VideoThe following is a video of the market in Marrakech, Morocco at night. Local Muslim women rush to buy just about everything at around 8PM and the way-be-gone tourist is pushed to the side in the crowd. I was very surprised by how relatively genuine Marrakech seemed to be amidst the excessive tourism [...]

  • Impressions of Marrakesh

    Impressions of Marrakech I am very surprised by Marrakech. I can breathe peacefully here. I walk down the streets without being hustled or hassled. There seems to be less drug dealers and hotel runners here per capita than in most places in Morocco. I am rather impressed. Either the authorities in Marrakech have done a [...]

  • A Walk Through Marrakech Video

    A Walk Through Marrakech VideoThe below video is of a walk through the back streets of Marrakech, Morocco.

  • Moroccan Food Strategy

    Moroccan Food StrategyI must say that I am not much of a connoisseur of any particular substance, especially food. I eat for two reasons: 1. to fill my stomach; 2. for nutrition; and I try to do this in the absolute cheapest manner possible. I am rather base in this regard, as I do not [...]