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  • Stuck In Kenya: Lockdown Extended For 30 More Days

    Nomadic Backpacker is still trapped.

  • Corona Diaries: Day 61 Stuck In Kenya With No End On The Horizon

    Restless in Naivasha.

  • Corona Diaries: Still Stuck in Kenya, Part 3 Kenya

    Continued Observations from Naivasha as the lockdown gets extended by another three weeks.

  • Corona Diaries: Nomadic Backpacker Stuck In Kenya, Part 2 Kenya coronavirus

    Things are getting a little more dire in Naivasha as the pandemic closes in.

  • Corona Diaries: Nomadic Backpacker Stuck In Kenya, Part 1 Kenya

    The lowdown on what’s happening in Kenya during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Volunteering in Kibera, Nairobi: Challenges and Questions

    A journey into a Nairobi slum on World Health Day which shows the challenges that volunteers must face when doing work abroad.

  • Food in Kenya

    What do people eat in Kenya? Food in any country is influenced by its past. Period of occupation and colonialism will always bring new dishes imported to keep the recent immigrant arrivals happy, and Kenya is no exception. When the Portuguese arrived in the late 15th century, they introduced food like sweet potatoes, cassava and [...]

  • Bartering in Kenya

    How to barter for better prices in Kenya I don’t like to think of myself as a nervous traveller. Wary and cautious perhaps but not nervous, but it was with some trepidation that I grabbed my towel and headed down to the beach outside my Nyali hotel for a swim. There were 3 very good [...]

  • Teach English in Kenya

    Jobs teaching English in Kenya are available for those with TEFL certification, university degrees and experience or volunteer opportunities are also available.

  • Tattoos in Kenya

    Tattoos in Kenya This is a collection of information about tattoos, tattooing, and tattoo artists and studios in Kenya. Submit addresses and webpages of tattoo artists in this country as well as your experiences of being tattooed in Kenya. Are you looking for a tattoo in Kenya? Did you receive a tattoo in this country and [...]