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  • Do Not Travel to Egypt During Revolution Warning

    Since the political conflicts in Egypt began earlier this year (2011) I have been receiving updates on the situation from my friend Mary Mimouna, who distributes reports out to her wide array of contacts from an associate by the name of Pat, who has been living in Egypt for a number of years. I chose to share [...]

  • How to Become an Egyptologist

    How do I become an Egyptologist? What should I study in high school to prepare? Hello Stephany, The field of Egyptology is perhaps the most competitive area of archaeology as far as finding work that will keep you in the field and money in your pocket. But it can be done if you are diligent [...]

  • Archaeology as a Stable Career Path and Fieldwork in Egypt

    Should I pursue archaeology as a stable career path? This is a question from a reader named Lane who would like to know if he could expect to find a stable career in archaeology and do fieldwork in Egypt. Hello Lane, Your question sort of comes at me from right field, as my  draw to [...]

  • Jordan Israel Egypt Travel Summary

    These past travelogue entries from the Middle East have brought me to the conclusion that I am a penny pinching, incorrigible, uptight, money conscious geek and that the people of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel are money grubbing liars and cheats.This was my experience, but my experience was greatly limited by circumstance.For the sake of introspection, [...]

  • Travel by Land – Egypt, Israel, Jordan

    Transportation to cross borders between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan

    The border crossings between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan are very much frequented by tourists, and transportation options are readily available. Taxis, buses, and minibuses ply these borderlands regularly.

  • Leaving Egypt – Going to Maine

    “If you don’t want your life to change then why are you having a baby!?!” Chaya screamed at me in a rainy night Istanbul street three months ago.I could not answer her, but I did write her words down in my notebook for further reference.These “further references” were now seeping into my consciousness as I [...]

  • Travel by Car from Jordan to Israel

    How is Traveling from Jordan to Israel?

    If you look like tourists and you have your own car the route from Jordan to Egypt should be no problem at all.

    Just cross the Israeli border from Aqaba (10 km from city) and go through Eilat to Egypt (Taba). You could drive this route in under a half hour. Including border formalities — assuming you do not have Iraq or Syrian stamps in your passports and already possess Egyptian visas — I would say that you should be in Egypt in under two hours.

  • The Madness of Cairo

    The Madness of Cairo Cairo was striking me with a good, crazy sort of feel as I boarded the subway to go into the city center. Chaya and I had just arrived in the big city from the Sinai border outpost of Taba, and our wobbly bus legs were getting the feel of solid earth [...]

  • Arrival in Cairo

    Arrival in CairoAfter being shook up, thrown around, and tenderized like a soggy plop of hamburger by the taxi man during the ride from the Israeli border, the weary band of travelers had finally arrived at their destination: Cairo.I was surprised to find that the empty no-man’s-land of the Sinai desert stretches all the way [...]

  • Vagabond Fails to Make Money

    Vagabond Loses Deal and Pays UpI had made a deal with pregnant Chaya in Istanbul:If I made enough money, I would continue traveling on through Egypt across the Sahara into Ethiopia, and she would exit Africa via Cairo and hold down the USA on her own until I returned in mid-summer.If I did not make [...]