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  • Sinai Border Exit Tax

    Sinai, Egypt Border Exit TaxEverybody wants their cut. For some reason the Egyptian border authority has seen fit to charge travelers 75 EGP ($15) to exit the Taba border region.Why?Probably just because they can.Travel tip: When traveling in Egypt, make sure that you have way more money than what you plan on spending, as every [...]

  • This is Egypt – Travel Sinai Desert

    This is Egypt – Israel to Cairo, part 1 of 3Chaya and I crossed the Egyptian border from Israel with a single intention: to get to Cairo as fast as possible. We had a pocket full of Egyptian money that we exchanged before leaving Israel — it was enough to get us out of the [...]

  • Transportation Mishaps Sinai to Cairo

    Minibus Fiascoes and the Dirtiest Toilets in the Egypt – Israel to Cairo, part 2 of 3The road through the Sinai was very straight. We traveled it very quickly. There was nothing in our way in any direction, and the minibus full of Israeli Arabs, Chaya and I moved through the desert like a breathe [...]

  • Travel Sinai Peninsula to Cairo

    Ain’t Nothing in Sinai Egypt – Israel to Cairo part 3 0f 3 Five travelers looked out of the windows of the fast moving mini van at a landscape devoid of absolutely anything. Anything but sand, sun, and open space. Dry flat lands lead into dry flat lands which only lead into a far off [...]

  • Egypt Denies Travelers at Border

    Egypt Denies Travelers at Border – Crossing border to Egypt, part 1 of 3 After leaving the hotel in Eilat at the first glimmers of dawn, Chaya and I went to the bus stop in search of a ride to the Egyptian border. This bus was said to only cost 5 sheckles ($1.25) — not [...]

  • Travelers Denied Entry to Egypt Return to Israel

    Crossing back to Israel- Crossing Border Israel to Egypt, Part 2 of 3 Chaya and I were now in a predicament — a Catch-22 on the global chessboard of travel: We were refused entry to Egypt — we could not move forward. We were required to recross into Israel to get an Egyptian visa with [...]

  • Egyptian Visas vs Sinai Travel Permits

    Egyptian Visas vs. Sinai Travel Permits – Crossing Border to Egypt part 3 of 3 There are two types of visas that are issued for crossings between Israel or Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt: one is a 15 day travel permit that is good for Sinai only, and the other is a full [...]

  • Preparing for Travel to Egypt

    Preparation for Egyptian Hustlers Egypt, Egypt, Egypt! We were Egypt bound as we dropped off the key to our room with the hotel mafia man in Eilat. We were excited . . . though apprehensive. The stipulation behind getting a reduced priced room in Eilat was based upon us staying for two nights, when we [...]

  • How to Travel Jordan to Egypt

    Hello Craig, Man, we had a hell of a go getting from Jordan to Cairo. I highly – HIGHLY – recommend flying from Amman if you want to visit Petra. It would probably be cheaper than either the ferry/ overland route or the road through Israel. The reason: visa fees, exit fees, border zone exit [...]

  • Ferry from Aqaba to Egypt

    Hello Craig, It would have cost $120 to $140 for both of us to take the ferry from Jordan to Egypt (Aqaba to Nuweiba). The fast boat was $70 per person and the slow one $60. No way. The boat company decided recently to double their already expensive fares (though I have a large suspicion [...]