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9 Key Advantages of St Lucia Passport

The benefits of getting another passport.

St. Lucia

The project was adopted and promoted to attract new investors, improve the country’s economic condition, and popularize life in St. Lucia. In turn, the leading participant of the CBI program gets the opportunity to live and operate legally in the country and becomes the owner of the coveted document within 3-4 months.

St Lucia citizenship by investment is offered in three directions, which differ in terms, the system of verification of participants and the package of documents. Holders of second citizenship get many advantages and a chance to live and enjoy the beauty of nature, pleasant climate, volcanoes, and much more.

Overview of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

The CBI program on the island nation has adopted all the best conditions from other programs. It is a reliable project for attracting foreign capital. This option is available to every investor of any nationality and does not require special language skills. St Lucia citizenship by investment provides a non-refundable contribution of 100 thousand US dollars to the National Economic Fund of the country, purchase of a residential or commercial type object in the amount of at least 300 thousand US dollars, or the possibility to invest in bonds – half a million US dollars. Of course, in return, candidates receive an impressive list of benefits that will be available to them throughout their lives. 

Advantage 1. Dual citizenship is allowed

For an applicant whose first citizenship is not as strong and limits mobility in various spheres of life, this program allows him to become a bipatride. Applicants can claim all the benefits of the host country without losing their first passport. It is also possible to obtain diplomatic assistance, a “reserve airfield” in the representative offices of both countries. 

Advantage 2. Visa-free travel to more than 100 countries

Project participants get a unique opportunity to get St Lucia passport visa-free country and to explore and get acquainted with different world cultures in more than 100 countries. The program also allows you to open new areas of activity and expand your business ideas, even if you have little experience in travel.

Advantage 3. Prompt processing of the application

The St. Lucia CBI program is considered one of the fastest. Foreign depositors must wait an average of 90 days to a maximum of six months. It is a wonderful prospect for those who need to become a “strong” document holder in the Caribbean in the shortest possible time.

Advantage 4. No physical location requirements

St Lucia second passport does not require CBI participants to reside in the island nation. In addition, applicants for the coveted document can apply remotely.

Advantage 5. Opportunities for business

For business people, tax benefits, new markets, and entrepreneurial prospects are undoubtedly the initial reasons for applying for the project. In addition, foreign investors are offered the main benefit: no taxes on foreign profits, capital increase, and inheritance received. The law guarantees total confidentiality to private entrepreneurs and loyal legal regulations. 

Advantage 6. Access to the best medical care and educational institutions

Undoubtedly, these areas of life significantly impact the quality of life and a positive impression of the host country. Medical services here are comprehensive, with state-of-the-art facilities and a robust healthcare system. Saint Lucia has schools, institutes, colleges, and other educational institutions with various academic programs.

Advantage 7. Political security and stability

Participants can look forward to new paths in their professional endeavors due to the stable political atmosphere that influences in a broad format. The primary advantages of St Lucia citizenship are the chance to invest and not to worry about their capital and possible risks 

Advantage 8. Promising investments in the real estate market

Each candidate for the long-awaited document can receive a stable income from renting out an object – commercial or residential type. The value of real estate property also increases yearly, which can significantly bring the investor’s capital to a new level and represents one of the excellent pros.

Advantage 9. Passport to inheritance

Those who have fulfilled the project’s requirements and received the very legislative certificate can pass on citizenship as an inheritance. Newborns also receive the opportunity to become citizens of St. Lucia automatically. 


According to Zlata Erlach, a leading expert at Immigrant Invest, the process of gathering a package of documents, applying, and waiting for the result of obtaining a passport in a Caribbean country is quite simple. If you need more details about the terms and conditions and other requirements, leave a request on the official website, and the best experts will contact you. Cooperation with professionals will avoid many misunderstandings. 


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