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Wade is currently in the United

Wade and Chaya are in Maine, USA. Read recent travelogue entries!

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Wade from has been continuously traveling around the world for more than 9 years through ov for more than 9 years through over 45 countries on 5 continents. He is open to answer all questions -  email Walk Slow.



Travel Blogs

This is a collection of information on travel blogs, blogging, and travel writing. Contribute comments or submit related links below.

Take Notes Blogging Tip- Take notes on what you are doing when working on websites.

Blog Construction like Riding a Bike- Learning how to construct a good looking blog can be difficult. Stick with it.

New Travelogue Map Feature- A new thumbnail map is now included in each travelogue entry to show the region that I am traveling in. Map feature improved.

Misuse of no follow links- Many webmasters are inappropriately using no-follow links.

The Donation Button is Back- Andy the on how donations are important to keep travel blogs going.

How to Make Money from a Travel Website- Tips on how to monetize a travel website.

Blogging about travel preparation- On why it is just as important to write about preparing and saving up money for traveling as it is about travel itself. 

Advertisements and Donations for Blogs and Websites- Offer from Motorcycle Bob of a donation to Vagabond Journey and a discussion of advertisements on blogs and websites.

Travel Blog Comments are Important
I was recently struck in the face by how important comments are to a blog. I did a quick reconnaissance of the comments on this travelogue and realized fully how much they add to it.

Travel Blogs and Traveler Websites:

Andy the Hobo Traveler- Among the best budget resources on the internet, by my friend Andy, the Hobotraveler.

The Travels of Loren Everly- The wanderings of another perpetual traveler who I hitchhiked across China from Mongolia with in the summer of 2007.

Ubertramp- Travel community website by my buddy Nath.

Uncornered Market- One of the better independent travel websites. Great design, great photos, great journeys. This site is so good that it makes a vagabond feel a slight tinge of envy haha.

Travel Vice- This is the website and blog of the perpetual nomad and friend of Vagabond Journey, Craig Heimburger. The rants and musings of the traveler, Sol Beam.

Chronicles of the Wayward Moot- The continuing travels of a fellow who did a two year peace corps mission in Ecuador, walked the Pacific Crest Trail, and is now preparing for a never-go-home voyage.

Gadtramp- A solo woman wandering through the nether regions of planet earth. She writes real, you can tell who she is and what she is about. Good blog.

BEST TRAVEL BLOGS BY LIST (compiled by Andy the at Best Travel Blogs in English of 2008)

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20 Recommended Blogs Travel Blissful
A list of the top travel blogs Xebidy Strategic Design
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Blog watch Technology Guardian Unlimited Technology
Blowing the Horn for Other People's Blogs - New York Times
Check Out These Personal Travel Sites The World Is Not Flat (TwinF) 50 travel blogs I canít live without
Four best blogs for procrastination - Your News-Letter
Nominations for the Travel Rants annual consumer awards
On the Web, Much Advice, and Some Even Rings True - New York Times
Perceptive Travel Links and Great Travel Blogs
Student Travel Blogs - Student Travel Blogroll
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The world's best travel blogs - Telegraph - TOP 100 travelling sites
Travel Blog Directory - Budget Travel Stories, Advice and the Internet's Best Travel Blogs.
TravelConnect - Top Travel Blogs
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Winners of the Travel Rants consumer awards

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