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  9 years of vagabond travel throu 9 years of vagabond travel through over 45 countries on 5 continents.  

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Wade from has been continuously traveling around the world for more than 9 years through ov for more than 9 years through over 45 countries on 5 continents. He is open to answer all questions -  email Walk Slow.

Travel Blog Comments

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*Note- The comments on this travelogue are still published at the bottom of the posts. I just also published the raw comment log become some readers like to navigate through the comments.

I was recently struck in the face by how important comments are to a blog. I did a quick reconnaissance of the comments on this travelogue, and realized fully how much they add to it.

I received a comment today on Jet Blue Airline Makes Me Angry from Tony P in England. I wrote my impressions of new customer service strategies based on my experience, and he wrote his. As it happens, Tony has way more experience in the customer service business than I do and was able to show the other side to my argument.

Wade from Vagabond
in Upstate New York, USA- January 6, 2009
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This was awesome. This is what blog comments are meant to do. My travelogue entries are often made exponentially thicker -  exponentially more thorough - by other people also sharing their experience and impressions of the world along with my own.

So, until I come up with a better way to showcase blog comments, I published the spreadsheet that comments automatically go to. To navigate this travelogue through the comments, go to Travelogue Comments. On this page are the raw comments as well as links to the posts that they are meant to be published on, as well as the website links of the commenters. The comments are still published at the bottom of the individual travelogue entries - as in a regular blog - I just want to allow easier access to all of the comments in a raw form by publishing the spreadsheet.

I feel as if a move away from blogging systems was essential at this point. Andy the Hobotravel also bailed from Blogger, and, I must say, kicked my butt in doing so. Go to  to view a self-made blog that works just as well as any out-of-the-box blogging system.
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Travel Blog Comments

Reader Comments:

1/6/2009 18:02:53Cym from says . .

You mentioned that "the Hobo Traveler bailed from blogger", but I noticed he still uses the blogger comment form. So couldn't you do the same? Or is it just your personal choice not to? Also I'm curious about what you thought of my suggestion? Did it not work, or are you simply not interested in using it?

P.S. Also wanted to let you know that I would still continue reading your blog with or without the option to comment or read your blog from an RSS feed. However, my only reason for suggesting that it would be in your best interest in having those features, is because all the most "successful" blogs, in terms of readership count and profitability, usually have those features. And all the website/blog optimization and advice sites I've read, such as and, all advocate the importance of said features.

Hello Cym,

Thanks for your constant advice. I really appreciate it. I tried the comment system, and it worked fine. The only problem was that the content from the forms was not on my pages, as it is just presented on the page from a wiget. This means that the Google bots can not scan the comment text.

I think that if I am diligent in the comment moderation, I can present the comments in a decent enough way. . . or at least I think so.

Yeah, you are right about Andy halfway using the Blogger comment system. I have no idea how he does it, but that man is a genius at squishing and squashing pre-existing elements and using them to his own ends. It is rather amazing.

I really appreciate your constant support though, Cym. I recognize that every time I have had a computer issue these past years, you have been right there to lend me some help. I really appreciate it.

Thank you,


1/8/2009 12:11:54 craig from says . . .

Andy (hobo) didn't bail on blogger, he just _finally_ got around to changing the visual theme he's using.

Haha, you are right, Craig. I just checked the code on his blog, and it is Blogger loading up content to his self-designed template.

5/18/2009 4:00:37 urvashi beniwal says . . .

the Hobo Traveler bailed from blogger is good to read

Travel Blog Comments
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