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Zero Seconds to the Beach! The Best Way to Feel Great and Save Money in the Maldives! 

Picture this. Amongst the atolls, or coral reefs, throughout the Maldives are tropical coconut palms and breadfruit trees on the beaches surrounding the local lagoons. Fish, turtles, and other sea animals are swimming in the clear waters. This is a guide to traveling in the Maldives on a budget.

The Maldives, otherwise known as the Republic of Maldives, is situated in South Asia with islands that mainly surround the Indian Ocean. Over half of the Maldives’ population is rural, except for the territory in its capital, Male. Residents have settled into small villages surrounding the coral reefs with only about 20 of the islands containing more than 1,000 residents each. 

It is not only a romantic honeymoon destination but also a family-friendly excursion with some local hotels that have kids’ clubs to give the youth something to do as adults have some time to themselves. 

Picture this. Amongst the atolls, or coral reefs, throughout the Maldives are tropical coconut palms and breadfruit trees on the beaches surrounding the local lagoons. Fish, turtles, and other sea animals are swimming in the clear waters. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly getaway in the Maldives while relaxing in the best way, book a hotel nearest the beach and make that your main getaway. Whilst you can explore local tourist attractions and eateries within reason, you can maintain a budget while doing most of your relaxing at the beach. 

What To Do Before Visiting the Maldives

Fill out the travel declaration form Maldives before you book your trip. Once approved, it will be valid for one single trip to the Maldives. If you are planning another trip separate from the current one you are taking, you must fill out another declaration form and await approval. 

When you have your entry card and arrive in the Maldives, you will get a 30-day visa. If you plan to stay beyond the 30-day limit, you must fill out and be approved for the Maldives visa. 

Find a Hotel On An Island Near the Beach

Rather than booking a luxury resort that can burn a hole in your pocket, you can enjoy nature’s natural resort by booking a hotel stay on one of the local islands and relaxing at the beach instead. 

Maafushi is a popular island in the Maldives best known for water sports at the beach. Book a stay at Arena Beach Hotel, Lea Spa Hotel, or Nala Island Village amongst the many other possible vacationing accommodations so it’s only a small walk away from the beach to embark on your dream relaxing getaway. 

After a long and relaxing day at the beach, you can admire the lovely sunset sea views by booking a room with a private balcony. Be mindful that this option may cost a little more. If you want to stay on more of a budget, you can book a standard room without the sea views and just watch the sunset at the beach before going back to your room for the night. 

Booking a hotel closer to the beach means less time prepping your day getaway and more time kicking back and relaxing. For example, Green Vista Maafushi is 1,150 feet from the beach while Kaani Village and Spa is 550 feet from the beach. 

Especially if you have a big family and a lot of beach cargo to bring, a shorter walk to the beach is your best bet. Hence, when you compare hotels, find one that is as close to the beach as possible. 

Book a Trip to the Maldives During the Shoulder Season

Every destination has certain months where it is cheaper to book flights and hotel rooms, which can help your overall budget. Budget your money from the get-go by booking your trip to the Maldives either in November or April, which are considered the months in the shoulder season. Room rates as well as how much you pay to fly there will be much lower. You don’t have to worry about whether the temperature will be good outside or not because the climate usually stays at 31 degrees Celsius (87.8 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Plan Ahead

Be sure to plan your activities and meals. Maldivian restaurants price their food reasonably with the most options being in Maafushi. For water activities, snorkeling is less expensive than water skiing. Plus, seeing the wildlife would be an awesome experience in itself!

It’s Time To Book Your Beach Getaway To the Maldives

A getaway to the Maldives doesn’t have to break the bank. Booking a modest hotel near one of the many local beaches is the best way to vacation on a budget while still having fun. 

Booking during the shoulder season can further enhance your savings while still giving you a good time. Try to save your vacation days for some time in November or April to get the best booking rates for your trip. 

Better yet, if you become a digital nomad, then you can plan a relaxing getaway and still get your work done in between. The choice is yours!

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