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YouTube Q&A Begins

We go back to our roots and start a Q&A YouTube show.

Back in the old days of this blog I used to answer reader questions with a high degree of frequency. It was something that I liked doing — it was a way that I could be helpful and it always was a way for readers to directly tell me what information they were looking for online (which was good for business, as Google was nice about giving independent webmasters traffic back then).

But as other projects took precedent over this blog and Google’s updates from 2012-2013 pretty much killed independent blogs, answering questions kind of faded off my radar. However, this is something that I’ve always missed, so I’m starting it back up again on our YouTube channel.

Each Sunday we will be running a Q&A show, where readers can ask me questions about travel, making a living as a writer, being an author, journalism, filmmaking, living location independent, or pretty much anything else. The format of this Q&A show may change as time goes on — it’s pretty bare bones now … which is kind of how I like it, but I’m going to test the waters of maybe changing it up a little in the future.

If you’d like to ask me a question, feel free to do so via the comments below, through the comments on the videos, YouTube’s direct messaging platform, or through any other means.

The first two Q&A sessions:

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