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Your Ultimate Health Checklist Before Going On A Long Trip

What you need to do to stay healthy while traveling.

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Since 2020, there has been a steady rise in the number of people working remotely and choosing to live the digital nomad lifestyle. In line with this, many countries have begun implementing digital nomad-friendly visas to boost their economies and encourage long-term stays.

An article from the US Chamber of Commerce reports that up to 54% of digital nomads stay abroad for at least two years in an effort to save money and commit to slow, mindful travel. This mobility has resulted in many remote workers feeling more satisfied with their work and lifestyle.

But before you jet off to begin working by the beaches of Playa del Carmen, there are a few things you need to do first, such as setting up your visa, looking for accommodation, and making sure you’re in good health. For the last one, you can use the health checklist below to guide you before taking a long trip.

Health checklist

Update your eye prescription

Ensuring your vision is in tip-top shape is a crucial part of enjoying your trip. Prescription glasses typically expire within one or two years. As such, glasses-wearers are recommended to update their prescription before leaving for a long-term trip. Additionally, digital nomads who spend the majority of their work hours in front of a screen are especially prone to eye strain and discomfort, so they may benefit from using blue light glasses.

Both of these concerns can be addressed by seeing an eye doctor or visiting an optical shop that can conduct a comprehensive eye exam, which includes not just vision evaluations but also routine checks for diseases like glaucoma or cataracts. Prior to your eye appointment, avoid straining your eyes or consuming too much caffeine, and make sure to stay hydrated to keep your eyes from drying during the exam. Those with existing prescriptions should bring their glasses for accuracy.

Stock up on vitamins

Experienced travelers know that local food preferences and agricultural production greatly vary from country to country. Places like Bali are abundant in cheap, readily available meat, vegetables, and fruit. Meanwhile, in the Maldives, the cost of vegetables relative to starchy staples can reportedly cost up to four times more. Keeping your nutritional intake consistent no matter where you are can be guaranteed by stocking up on high-potency multivitamins and taking them daily. However, the cost and availability of such supplements can often be erratic in some countries, so it’s best to pick up fruit and vegetable supplements before taking a long trip. These supplements are rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, which strengthen the immune system, boost energy, and support better digestion and sleep.

Get a general checkup

The knowledge that you’re in good health before your trip can give you peace of mind and reduce anxiety about possible health issues while abroad. Being able to see your healthcare provider is also an opportunity for them to offer advice specific to your travel destination, like dietary or required health precautions. In addition, some travel insurance policies require a pre-trip medical examination to warrant coverage for pre-existing conditions or emergencies.

With this in mind, make sure to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician for a general checkup ahead of your departure. This expert dentist in Henderson NV also adds that visiting a dental expert before your trip is also a good idea. Something as simple as tooth pain can spoil your trip.

Avail of travel health insurance

Hannah Stevens is a twenty-something digital nomad who lives with a myriad of chronic illnesses that make it extremely difficult to get comprehensive travel health insurance. Consequently, she’s had to save the majority of her income to build an emergency fund that can cover potential out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Her story is a reminder of the importance of traveling with insurance. When you become a digital nomad, anticipating unexpected things is par for the course. Without insurance, you can end up accumulating debt if something serious happens to you abroad. Insurance companies like SafetyWing specialize in travel insurance for digital nomads that offer maximum coverage of up to $1.5 million.

There are many things that can go wrong during a long-term stay abroad, so don’t let your health be the one thing you neglect, or the results can be damaging. Hopefully, using the tips we’ve laid out, you can make the most out of your adventure as a digital nomad.


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