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World’s First TEFL Travel Guide Released

The best places in the world to teach English.

TEFL – or teaching English as a foreign language is by far and away one of the fastest growing career choices for people wanting to travel the world and get paid doing it. Obtaining a TEFL certification allows people to work in any country of their choosing, but sometimes it’s easy to get confused with so much information available on the inter-webs.

The TEFL Academy has recently released a free 220 page travel guide detailing a plethora of different things on over 100 countries including average TEFL salary, working environments, culture, the weather and various other useful information

Securing a TEFL job abroad can be one of the most rewarding careers in the world. Whether you want to teach in the bustling favelas or be among the high-rise skyscrapers of Dubai, you can truly realize your travel dreams with a TEFL career.

Below is a small info graphic of the top TEFL destinations to get you started – enjoy.

TEFL guide


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