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Work Abroad and Travel Jobs

  • Substitute Teaching, an Ideal Travel Job? thumbnail Substitute Teaching, an Ideal Travel Job?

    Want to earn some travel funds without committing to a long term job — or even one you need to do everyday? Try substitute teaching. Here’s how.

  • Atypical Travel: Interview With an International Smokestack Tester

    There are many ways to travel the world that go beyond backpacking to tourist sites or teaching English. The Atypical Travel series on Vagabond Journey features individuals who are living lives on the road but typically fall off the radar of what we think of when we say “world traveler.” This week’s installment features Adam Williams, an international smokestack tester.

  • The Au Pair Diaries pt 1

    Like most people, I want to experience all the wonders the world has to offer. On the cusp of graduating college I was ready to break free and go. Just go. So, tapping into my six years of experience as a babysitter/nanny, I decided to become an au pair.

  • THIS Is The Ideal Travel Work Skill Set

    Make yourself financially bulletproof on the road: get these skill sets.

  • Top 10 Self-Employment Travel Jobs

    Want to live the double dream: traveling the world and working for yourself? Then check out these top ten self-employment travel jobs.

  • Get The Low Down On Working Abroad

    A primer for working while traveling abroad.

  • An Interview With Traveling Engineers

    Engineers are seriously all over the world, living permanently on the road, going from project to project. This is one of the best ways to travel and work concurrently. Watch an interview about the lifestyle and work of the traveling engineer.

  • China’s New Subculture: Ryan Lee, Traveling Musician

    I met traveling street musician in Changsha who had not only songs but a message for the people of his country.

  • Make Money Working As A Wedding Photographer When Traveling

    For me, travelling has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that you only spend money while on the road. But fortunately, if you’re creative enough, you can make money while travelling. You can be an English teacher, work as an archaeologist, work at a hotel etc… In this [...]

  • The English Teaching in China Experience

    We decided to come to China for a variety of reasons. Wade has spent years here before and wanted to return, Mandarin Chinese was one of the languages we wanted our daughter Petra to learn on her travels, and we wanted to make some money. I am a preschool teacher and working at as an [...]