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Independent Travel Business

  • Why You Shouldn’t Pay Taxes When Working Abroad

    What you should know about paying taxes for informal work that you do abroad.

  • Top 10 Self-Employment Travel Jobs

    Want to live the double dream: traveling the world and working for yourself? Then check out these top ten self-employment travel jobs.

  • Make Money Working As A Wedding Photographer When Traveling

    For me, travelling has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that you only spend money while on the road. But fortunately, if you’re creative enough, you can make money while travelling. You can be an English teacher, work as an archaeologist, work at a hotel etc… In this [...]

  • Tips for Independent Travel Business

    The conclusion of the independent travel business series.

  • Work for Yourself – College May Not Lead to Career

    Question about career options: to continue with university? Start a business? Work for yourself? “Would appreciate anything at this point as am more than directionless. Have thought of opening business here in Brno instead of grad school. Bought into the whole “go to college get a good job”, shite that worked for our parents (who [...]

  • Traveling Tattoo Artist in Mexico

    ZIPOLITE, Mexico- The buzzing sound of tattooist at work can be heard all up and down the beach of Zipolite. In this small town on the Oaxaca coast, which is basically just two streets laying parallel to each other and a 2 km beach, there are three formal tattoo studios, two artists tattooing on the [...]

  • Travel by Sailboat Earn Money Selling in Streets

    ZIPOLITE, Mexico- Captain Jim was peddling his handmade soaps on the main street of Zipolite when I found him framed in the view finder of my rolling camera. I was shooting a video about the traveling street vendors here, and as I was taking in the soaps, massage oils, and other cosmetics and curios that [...]

  • Fire Dancers Busk for Travel Funds

    Fire Dancers Busk for Travel Funds Interview ZIPOLITE, Mexico- When the sun goes down the buskers come out. Working the main street of Zipolite that flanks the beach, jugglers, musicians, and fire dancers move from restaurant to restaurant, serenading diners for their pocket change. These entertainers are more than often travelers, moving across countries and [...]

  • Traveling Jewelry Artisan and Silversmith Interview

    They travel as a family through the world selling jewelry.

  • How Traveling Musicians Make Money

    So you can play the guitar. You want to travel. What else do you need?