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Work in Magazines and Other Websites

This is a page with links to other websites that I have written on.

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Traveler Nickname collection project- This is a project that I am working on with Andy the Hobo Our intention is to collect nicknames for travelers or foreigners in all countries and languages. We are collecting words such as farang, gaijin, gringo, and waiguoren, as well as their background information, utilization, and implications behind their use. If you know any such words please email them to or put them directly on Hobo Traveler's Nicknames for Foreigners page. Be sure to submit in the country page of the term's origin.

Terms that I have researched and published on Hobo
Nicaraguan Nickname for Foreigner- Chele
Chile Nickname for Foreigner- Franchute
China Nickname for Foreigner- Laowai
China Nickname for Foreigner- Waiguoren
China Nickname for Foreigner- Houzi and Laomaozi
China Nickname for Foreigner- Chang Bizi and Xiongmao
Laos Nickname for Foreigner- Kii Nock and Pome Sii Dang
Thailand Nickname for Foreigner- Farang (Falang)
Spain Nickname for Foreigner- Guiri


Cafe Abroad Journalism Internship- I did a journalism internship with Cafe Abroad magazine during the autumn of 2007 while I was traveling in North Africa and Europe that resulted in the print publication of an article on Portuguese graffiti artist and the online publication of six more articles and reviews. After my internship the magazine kept me on and I wrote another article on the GuatemalanCivil War that was published in their April 2008 issue.

Articles published in print magazine:
April issue-

February issue-

The Other Side of the Wall page one,
The Other Side of the Wall page two

Articles published online:
The Desert Queen: Isabelle Eberhardt with interview with Kathleen Modrowski
The Breaking of the Fast: A view of Ramadan from the outside
The Breaking of the Fast Part II: A view of Ramadan from the inside

Restaurant reviews:
Restaurant de la Libertad review
Restaurant Oumnia review


Abroad View Magazine

Abroad View Magazine published an article that I wrote about Tibetan refugees in India in their Spring 2008 issue.

Article from print magazine website link:
Seekers of Refugee in a Land of No Return

Glimpse Magazine

Glimpse Magazine published an article that I wrote about Japanese tattooing in their Spring 2008 issue.

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