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Women’s Fashion Trends to Follow in 2022

The clothes that women need for travel.

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It can be difficult to keep up with all the trends that come and go, but we’re here to make it easier for you to stay up to date with all the fashion trends. From travel pants for women to dainty gold jewelry and everything between, we’re going to tell you all the women’s fashion trends you need to know about in 2022. By following these trends, you’ll be in the know about all the looks that are currently popular. To learn about all the women’s fashion trends to follow in 2022, keep on reading. 

Neutral Colors

The first fashion trend to follow this year is wearing neutral colors. Neutrals have always been in style, but this year more than ever before, neutral clothes have skyrocketed in popularity. Black t-shirts, white tank tops, tan wide-leg pants, brown sandals – you name it. All types of clothing items look great in neutral shades. By wearing neutrals, you can also make a wider range of outfits with the exact same clothes. It’s hard to pair a neon-colored blouse with other pieces, but a black or white blouse can go with essentially anything. Neutrals will keep you looking stylish all year long. 

Travel Pants for Women 

You might be somewhat surprised by this trend, but we speak no lies; travel pants for women are trending this year. When you hear “travel pants for women,” boring-looking pants might come to mind, but this is far from how they look in 2022. Today’s travel pants are fashionable, comfortable, and sustainable. Certain brands, like Paskho, make travel pants for women that can be styled and worn in a variety of different contexts, such as during travel, outdoor activity, or even in the office. Head to the Paskho online shop to get your pair today. You’ll thank us later. 

Canvas Sneakers 

Another fashion trend to follow this year is perfect for the cute and casual look: canvas sneakers. Canvas sneakers are a great way to dress down any outfit, and although they originally made their first appearance in the early 1900s, canvas sneaker brands like Converse are making a major comeback in 2022. A smaller trend within this trend to look out for is platform canvas sneakers. Platform shoes, in general, are becoming more popular, but platform canvas sneakers are still on the up and up, so jump on that train before everyone is wearing them. You’ll be a trendsetter in the platform canvas sneaker scene, and we won’t even take credit for telling you about them. 

Dainty Gold Jewelry 

Dainty gold jewelry is the perfect combination of style and subtlety. Dainty gold jewelry can go with any outfit. If you’re wearing a casual outfit, dainty gold jewelry will make it look a little more put together. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a formal outfit, opting for dainty gold jewelry instead of major bling will actually tone your outfit down a little. When it comes to functionality, dainty gold jewelry can really do everything, and people are just now starting to realize how great these accessories are. Invest in some nice dainty gold jewelry from top-tier brands to really make the most out of this 2022 trend. 

High-Waisted Jeans

Universally, high-waisted jeans are the most flattering style of jeans you can wear, so it makes sense that they’re only getting more popular this year. High-waisted jeans have stood the test of time and are coming back better than ever. You can wear high-waisted jeans for so many different events, but make sure your jeans are made from good-quality denim. It can be tempting to buy cheap jeans from brands that care more about making money than the longevity of their products, but investing in high-waisted jeans made out of thick, sturdy denim is always the better choice. 

Midi Dresses 

While mini dresses had their reign in the fashion world for quite a while, the classier midi dresses are overturning them in this 2022 women’s fashion trend. Midi dresses of all styles are in trend this year, but the fan favorites are neutral-colored midi dresses and floral print midi dresses, specifically with dainty floral patterns. Midi dresses are super comfortable, which is one of the reasons why women are wearing this style of dress more and more this year. The lockdown that kept everyone at home for months really showed us as a society the importance of comfort in our clothes, and midi dress sales are benefiting tremendously because of this sentiment. 


In summary, here are the women’s fashion trends to follow in 2022 we discussed:

  • Neutral colors
  • Travel pants for women
  • Canvas sneakers
  • Dainty gold jewelry
  • High-waisted jeans
  • Midi dresses 

By staying up-to-date with these popular looks in the fashion world, you’ll feel stylish, attractive, and, most importantly, confident. We can’t wait to see you rock these fashion trends. 

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