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Why Your Vegas Based Business Should Tailor to Non-Gamblers

How to reach customers looking for something more out of Vegas.

Las Vegas

Many people travel to Vegas to gamble and get a taste of the nightlife, but it’s more than just a place to party. Some people may be traveling for work or as a family, and tailoring your products or services solely to gamblers can limit your profits. 

Plus, creating an inclusive environment is necessary to make everyone feel welcome in your place of business. So read on to learn the reasons your Vegas-based business should tailor to non-gamblers and simple changes you can implement to make it fun for every type of visitor.

Why is Inclusion Important in Vegas?

Vegas sees many tourists from different backgrounds, cultures, and age groups year-round. So ensuring that you have something for every customer can make your business stand out. Plus, making people feel like they have to gamble while visiting is unnecessary, especially if you’re not running a casino. So why push it if it’s going to limit your client base?

Creating a Safe Environment

Sometimes gamblers like to drink, and some may drink a bit too much. So if your business serves alcohol, ensure that you’re creating a safe environment for every visitor and employee. For instance, are there systems in place to prevent accidents? Do you keep all hazards out of customer reach? Regardless of the safety measures you have put in place, stuff happens. So having tailored workers’ comp insurance can give your business an extra layer of safety. It helps protect your employees, your business, but also potential and existing customers. While workers’ comp insurance doesn’t prevent something from happening, it does protect employees, customers, and your business from monetarily taking the brunt end of any injuries. 

You’ll Reach a Larger Market

When you have options for non-gamblers, you’ll reach a much larger market. So, when people are looking for things to do that don’t involve gambling, they’ll see that you can provide a good time for everyone. However, keep in mind that you can still tailor to gamblers, depending on the product or service you offer. So you shouldn’t limit yourself.

Not Everyone Can Safely Gamble

Gambling can be addicting when there’s a chance of winning life-changing money, and many people end up blowing all of their earnings and putting themselves into debt trying to fix their financial problems. While it may be easy to say these customers shouldn’t be in Vegas in the first place, some people may be traveling for work. So it would be best if you were considerate of those trying their best to overcome gambling addiction. 

Families Travel Together

Many families visit Vegas to see nature, such as the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, or Red Rock Canyon. Plus, there are amusement parks and shopping strips to visit. So offering services for young children and parents can significantly increase your store’s foot traffic. Plus, you’ll help families create memories that they’ll go home and tell their friends about, which gives you an even more considerable boost.

You can Reach Groups with Diverse Interests

Friend groups often travel to Vegas to party and enjoy the nightlife, but there may be a couple of people within the group who aren’t interested in gambling or drinking. So, if you run a club or casino, offer some non-gambling games and fun beverages to cater to people who prefer partying without feeling pressured to indulge in these activities. 

Small Ways to Make Your Business Accessible to Non-Gamblers

Suppose you’re still unsure of the ways you can cater to non-gamblers without breaking the bank, start small. There are several ways to expand your operation to different crowds without completely changing your business structure, products, or menu. 

Open Your Business During the Day

Not everyone is about the nightlife, and restricting your business hours to evenings and nights can limit your customer base severely. So consider opening your doors earlier in the day so that you become available to early birds, business travelers, and families.

Add or Adjust Certain Products

Creating variety can make your business unique and accessible, but completely changing your brand isn’t necessary. Instead, try a few of these simple methods to promote inclusivity:

  • Consider adding a few products unrelated to gambling if you’re a retailer. For example, some people are looking for kid-friendly souvenirs, so you should have those available. 
  • If you have a restaurant, change up some of the names on the menu or offer exotic beverages that aren’t alcoholic
  • Casinos should have areas for non-gamblers to hang out, party, and play games that don’t require much risk. This could be great for people traveling in groups (like bachelor parties), so everyone feels like they can enjoy their time. 


You may think that tailoring your business to gamblers will bring in the customers willing to spend the most money. However, you’ll severely limit your market. Vegas sees many visitors, like families, newlyweds, and bachelor(ette) parties. So it would be best if you kept them in mind as you build your business. After all, gambling is only a tiny piece of what the city has to offer. 


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