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Why You Should Visit Dubai This Year

With many countries shutting down their tourism industries Dubai is still open for business.


As the global tourism industry is caught in a holding pattern due to coronavirus, the wheels of Dubai keep spinning, with the cities most popular areas reportedly as busy as ever. Dubai International Airport has an intensive screening procedure for arriving passengers designed to keep locals and tourists alike as safe as possible.

Knowing this, here are the top five tips for traveling to Dubai this year:

1. Book your flight on a reputable, high-value airline

One of the biggest decision of any traveler is what airline to take. Now more than ever it is essentially to choose a carrier that is highly reputable and organized. Emirates airline is perhaps the best bet out there. Serving more than 161 destinations in over 86 countries, Emirates is one of the largest carriers in the world. They also often have some of the most competitive prices on last minute flights. Be sure to also book your flight early, as this is when you can get the best prices.

2. Travel during the right season

Dubai is hot no matter what time of the year you travel there. However, during the rainy season, from October to April, the weather cools a little. But don’t worry about your trip to Dubai being rained out, as you’re still out in the desert where, relatively speaking, precipitation isn’t all too common.

3. Wear the right clothes

Dubai woman clothes

While Dubai is one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf region, please take care as to how you dress. The revealing or flashy clothes that may get you positive glances in the USA or Europe don’t fly here — neither does the beach bum look. Dress nice and conservative and you will be alright.

This is especially true for female travelers. While women in Dubai can drive cars and work outside of the home and don’t have to wear headscarves, it is still an Islamic country, so wearing cloths that are loose fitting and cover your arms and legs is a good idea. Button up cotton shirts and trousers would do the trick. One exception to this is when at the beach. You can wear a bikini there as you would at home.

4. Be careful where you consume alcohol

It is not illegal to drink alcohol in Dubai and you can buy alcohol without a permit at bars and restaurants, but being drunk in public or otherwise causing a scene isn’t. Keep it cool — you’re in Dubai not Las Vegas.

5. Get out of the shopping malls


While Dubai has some of the most spectacular shopping malls and skyscrapers in the world, these aren’t the only things the city has to offer.

Dive deep into the region’s history and culture by going out to the souks along Dubai Creek. This is where the traditional city once stood and vendors from every corner of the Middle East still travel there to sell their products and engage in cultural exchange. Here you can find one of a kind silver jewelry from Oman, dried fruits from Saudi Arabia, and wares from Iran. While your at it, be sure to check out the Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort, which was built over 200 years ago.

And whatever you do, don’t avoid the amazing variety of food that Dubai has to offer. We’re talking not only the full gamut of Middle Eastern foods but delicacies from South Asia, the Philippines, and Iran as well.

So don’t let fears of the pandemic scare you away from taking a vacation to Dubai. So book a flight on Emirates airlines, dive in, and find out what the place is all about.


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